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Turf Wars  Day 65

28th June 2011

Hello everyone,

Day 65 for Turf Wars, and another step in the right direction as we approach the end of the month.

Silver Bet  Stake 6 pts

6 pts Win Double

Eygpt  Premier

Misr Lel Makasa  v lttihad El Shorta    Under 2.5 goals    Odds 5/9   Won

Arab Contractors  v El Geish    Under 2.5 goals    Odds 8/13    Won

Bet Return + 9.08 pts

Horse Racing

Southwell  6.30  Pint Size    5 pts Win    Odds 6/5    Won 4/6

Hamilton  4.45  Go Go Green    4 pts Win    Odds 11/4    Lost 4/1

1 pt Win Double    Lost

Bets Return + 1 pt

Return On The Day + 10.08 pts

Running Bank 335.71 pts

Starting Bank 100.00 pts

P/L To Date + 235 71 pts

Level Stakes Return + 1.71 pts

Level Stakes P/L To Date + 54.09 pts

We also had some anti post bets for the Open De France Golf Tournament which starts on Thursday, more of those later.



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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Wednesday 29th June


4.30   Catterick     Coax    7th    2.30  ( BSP 2.38)



No qualifiers


Strike Rate:     Legacy:   26.7%  (12/45)    Saver: 33.3%  (16/48)

Opening Bank: 88.61 points

Legacy P/L  today: minus 1 point

Legacy Cumulative P/L:  minus 7.55 points

Saver  P/L today: 0 points

Saver Cumulative P/L: minus 4.84 points

Closing Bank: 87.61 points

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Sgt Jon

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29th June 2003 : As the row over statements made by the British Prime Minister in the run up to Iraq Invasion telling the British People that “Saddam could launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes of the order being launched” continue government ministers are coming under increasing pressure from the British Press including the BBC to tell the truth.
The Government Foreign Affairs Committee’s report will vindicate the government which leaves the question of
Did the government mislead the British Public ?
Are the British intelligence services so inept that the reports they provided were completely wrong as no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq ?

Hello Bloggers,

Stake £50.00

6.50 Final Liberation                  AD 5/2   Lost

Won £00.00

Lost £50.00

Total £-50.00

Ratchet System (1000 bank-5% Stake. Min Stake £50)

Current Bank £397.89

Tomorrows stake £50.00


Total -1.00

Trial Total


Staked 136

ROI -10.28%


Sergeant Karl

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