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The ExBookie Introduction

3rd September 2011


Sgt Karl Introduces The ExBookie

Hello Bloggers,

Our next service we are trialing is called ExBookie, the service comes from the Betfan camp, as many of you will be familiar by now Betfan email their tips out as well as giving you the option to log into their site to get the tips.

The Exbookie tips are on Horse Racing and we get a theory behind the picks which is nice, The service costs £57 per month or £140 per quarter. We will start with a 50 point bank.

Here is the Exbookie‘s take on his service.

“I advise a bank of 50 points to follow this service with (ie. £500 bank becomes £10 per point).

This service is based around value and thus getting prices is important.

Firstly, and obviously, make sure you get the best price about selections. This may mean opening a few more bookmaker accounts.

Secondly, make sure if there’s a choice between the same price with two different bookmakers that you choose the one with best odds guaranteed.

Thirdly, a lot of the races which I’ll be looking at will sometimes offer five places for ew bets and if prices are the same and they are at bog bookmakers then choose the bookmaker with the best place terms.”

As always we will do an initial review of 56 betting days and if the service shows promise we will extend that to 84 days.

Since the Exbookie service launched it has made an impressive 158 pt profit, so hopefully that will continue.

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Sgt Karl – Introduces The ExBookie

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Hi Bloggers – Sprint Lay Expert – Days 148 to 150

From Friday 26th August to Sunday 28th August, there were no qualifying selections:

Our starting bank of £1,000 remains at £2,697 – giving us a profit to date of £1,697 or 16.97 points at level stakes.

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Kind regards

Sgt Tony

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars