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PAWS (Personal All Weather Selections) Day 1 & 2

15th May 2012


Sgt Chris reviewing PAWS (Personal All Weather Selections)

Hi Bloggers,

I have been receiving e-mails from the author since 7th of May, but to save space and time i will be updating this review only when there’s a selection(s).I am keeping two seperate banks, one with results calculated on BOG (Best Odds Guarantee) and the other on Betfair SP after deducting a 5% comission.Both startings banks are a 100 pts each, and all bets are placed on level stakes.So, there were two actual betting days during this time and here are the results:

Day 1 – 9th May 2012

Race Time    Horse                  Bet           BOG BSP     Result BOG P/L  BSP P/L

1:55                Trail Of Tears            1 pt (win)     5/2   3.90     3rd       -1 pt        -1 pt

Day 2 – 14th May 2012

Race Time    Horse                 Bet           BOG BSP     Result BOG P/L  BSP P/L

3:15                Steelcut                    1 pt (e/w)   12/1  16.53    2nd      2 pts         2.99 pts

BOG Starting Bank = 100 pts    Current Bank = 101 pts

BSP Starting Bank = 100 pts    Current Bank = 101.99 pts

Until next time then..

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Sgt. Chris Reviewing PAWS

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Soccer Betting Oracle – Day 51

10th May 2012

Hi Bloggers,

Latest news from Soccer Betting Oracle – the service moved to Winninginformationnetwork. SBO is available now on two access plans: 28 days plan for £54.00 and 90 days for £118.80 GBP.

Here are the results on day 51  of Soccer Betting Oracle review.

Recommended staking plan – 200 points and X point on stake:

10/05/2012Gamla Upsala v Sollentuna Utd  Sollentuna Utd to win1.805.000-5.00334.48
10/05/2012Malmo v Helsingborg  Malmo to win1.905.0014.50338.98
10/05/2012Hacken v  Gefle  Hacken -1 handicap1.705.0013.50342.48
10/05/2012ST Kortrijk v Anderlecht  Anderlecht to win1.915.000-5.00337.48
10/05/2012Genk v Club Brugge  Genk to win2.105.0015.50342.98
10/05/2012Bahia v Portuguesa SP  Bahia to win1.755.0013.75346.73
10/05/2012Fluminense RJ v Internacional Fluminense RJ to win1.855.0014.25350.98
10/05/2012Maria Sharapova – To win Madrid Open5.004.000-4.00346.98
10/05/2012Alexandr Dolgopolov v Jo-wilfried Tsonga  Jo-wilfried Tsonga to win1.665.000-5.00341.98
10/05/2012Fernando Verdasco v Rafael Nadal  Under 17.50 games2.045.000-5.00336.98

Start Balance: 200 points

P/L:-2.50 pts

Running Balance: 336.98 points

Level Stakes staking plan:

Start Balance: 200 points

P/L:-0.70 points

Running Balance: 232.26 points

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian Review of Soccer Betting Oracle

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars