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Auto Bet Wins Day’s 34 to 35


Sgt Howard reviews Auto Bet Wins

Hi Bloggers,

Day 34 (04/05/2012)

One bet today 2nd bet cancelled with non runner.

6.45 Fontwell

King Jack 65

Iona Days 64

Massini Sunset 62

These three well clear in the ratings.  In this situation I would myself consider a dutch bet but I’ll stick to what was agreed in the introduction, therefore went each way on King Jack.


6.45 Fontwell King Jack 2.5 pts each way @ 11/2 (BOG)


PU (7-1 SP)

Bank 1:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   0.00 Pts

Running Balance: 181.035 Pts

Bank 2:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   -5.00 Pts

Running Balance: 118.32 Pts

Day 35 (08/05/2012 – Unable to work 07/05/2012)

Just one bet today on the races rated, and I wasn’t totally convinced this warranted a bet on the ratings but went with it.

7.25 Exeter

Anay Turge 66

Brixen 63

Kirby’s Glen 53

I went for a win bet on top rated.


7.25 Exeter Anay Turge 5 pts win @ 7/2 (BOG)


PU (4-1 SP)

Bank 1:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   -5.00 Pts

Running Balance: 176.035 Pts

Bank 2:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   0.00 Pts

Running Balance: 118.32 Pts

Day 36 (09/05/2012)

Two bets today.

8pm Kempton

Galician 81

Larwood 80

Gabbiano 62

An obvious bet each way on top rated at the prices.

7.05 Ffos Las

Battle Cry 68

Qaspal 56

Romanesco 56

I went with a win bet on the top rated.


8.00 Kempton Galician 2.5 pts each way @ 10-1 (BOG).

7.05 Ffos Las Battle Cry 5 pts win @ 9/4 (There was a non runner before I took this price and one after resulting in a rule 4).


Lost (15/8 SP).

Bank 1:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   -5.00 Pts

Running Balance: 171.035 Pts

Bank 2:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   2.50 Pts

Running Balance: 120.82 Pts


Sgt Howard reviewing Auto Bet Wins

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Little Acorns Introduction

17 May 2012

Little Acorns

This review has since ended and is being kept up to date as of late 2013 right here;

Little Acorns Review

It Received 5 Stars & Is Highly Recommended!

Sergeant John Introducing Little Acorns

This week we start a new review of Little Acorns, a low-liability laying formula that has been around for five years. It is entirely appropriate to review it again now as services being active for this period of time have chance to engage in fine tuning, with a tweak or two thrown in, to develop it to the present day.

It was Geoffrey Chaucer who first quoted “mighty oaks from little acorns grow” and as the name suggests, Little Acorns uses low stakes to grow bigger banks and be in the position of being confident to increase your stakes as the bank increases.

The system has been developed by Andrew David, who is confident that your betting balance will increase between seven and 35 times each month, without exposing yourself to high liabilities.

It is on offer for £97 ($147 when you click to pay, which could be subject to a price difference in UK£ due to exchange rates), but he does offer a 30-day “No Questions Asked – Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.” Ironclad (which is one word) does sound a shade Victorian but what we are saying here is that it is an unbreakable contract. Good to know.

Little Acorns incorporates a vital selection filter which enables you to all but completely cut out your potential losses. I am looking forward to studying that feature.

Selections do not take more than ten minutes a day to compile once you have gained some experience using the formula and you do not need to be in front of your computer during live racing, that is if you choose to bet at weekends or in the evening, other than that you need to place bets five to ten minutes before the race time.

The formula offers three different types of staking plans: Plan A uses the Fibonacci sequence; Plan B Adds your loss to the next stake; Plan C uses Level Stakes. I shall start with a bank of 300 points and a two-point stake for each plan.

From the last 48 months, only four months have made a loss, so let us see how this one does in the next few months.

I shall review this for 56 days with the option to extend it to 84 betting days.

Best Regards

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Sergeant John Introduces Little Acorns

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars