Please everyone beware of A J Tips.

I have evidence to prove that Andrew Jackson that operates A J Tips is not actually Andrew Jackson But Colin Andrews, He is the former keeper of the scam I revealed last week JCA Racing and Gold Lay.

Those two sites have now mysteriously disappeared and I strongly suggest everyone who paid them any money within the past 45 days contacts paypal for a refund saying the service has disappeared.

Ok so the evidence against A J Tips.

Firstly i received an email from AJ tips which was sent and addressed “Colin Andrews” This email contained aggresive language that i cannot show on the website as it may upset some viewers the language used is terrible.

The problem is the email was sent by Andrew Jacksons customer service email address. please see below. Obviously in their despair of being uncovered they have signed the email “Colin Andrews” as stupid as they are they hit sent and actually forgot which alias they were using. Absolutely pathetic! IT takes a very cool and collective person to lie to a mass amount of people and not leave any trails and these guys not only were poor at running tipping services they just do not cut the mustard at being scammers.

So you can see it was a pretty much a school boy error but you see you get caught out eventually. I believe Colin Andrews to be the same person behind the Jamie Kelly stuff. There is so much evidence pointing that way on the net.

Anyway the latest finds have been that i received several emails from people stating that they had asked for there refund in line with the guarantee offered on site [as per the below image] and no guarantee has been given there emails have simply been ignored, and in some cases as Jons below they were refused the refund. An easy one this via paypal, just point them to the guarantee…

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