Alex Reys Sports Service – Final Review

10th October 2013

Sergeant Lucian – Reviews Alex Reys Sports Service

Two and a Half stars

Hi Bloggers,

Here are at the final words for Alex Reys Sports Service.  As you know this review was double extended as the results keep the bank in the initial limits and also football season just started. Now the numbers:

 Start Bank : 50 points

Final Bank : 64.46 Points

Profit Overall Period: +14.46

Total Selections: 154

Winning Selections:60

Winning Strike Rate: 38.96%

A lot of low odds wining  bets combined with some good EW bets and this is the result – 14.46 points after 140 days – 29% from initial bank.

Clear the point value  must be something like over £ 20  in order to make profit and cover the cost of the service – over £ 59.95 for review period.

Considering the time, numbers of selections, results – overall the rating for this service is 2.5 stars. Is a long term service and this must keep in mind our readers before go for Alex Reys Sports Service.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian – Reviews Alex Reys Sports Service