All By The Book – Introduction

    Hi Bloggers

             Its Sergeant Dave again i will be reviewing for at least 56 days the method called All By The Book coming from Steve Davidson and Toby , so what is All By The Book it is a purely mathematical approach to UK Horseracing which carries a minimal risk with steady profits as per there website it has  made 781 points in 4 months thats around 195 points a month average. So what you get is a 9 page PDF there is no padding straight into the method,  Page 9  was very useful it gave you a link to the resources page here you have access to a 30 minute video showing the method in action, also on this page you can download excel spreadsheets that  you can input data and they do all the work  for you. Now the authors suggest around noon to start finding your selections for the Day, now depending what time in the day you do your checking the results for the day could vary from the website  but such is the power of this method you should still  make a profit. This method is an entirely new approach i cannot remember seeing anything like it and i have been studying methods and systems for nearly 40 years, so lets see if it can  continue to deliver during the review. I will keep the figures simple for the review P/L on the Day and cumulative P/L.    


  Sgt Dave

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