Arbitrage Spy Scam?

Arbitrage SpyOn Tuesday the 24th August Arbitrage Spy will be released as a pre launch. The first e-mail you will receive will tell the story behind Arbitrage Spy with an inticing video…After the video you will be redirected to the sales page…

I received an email Invite for the launch of Arbitrage Spy to which I replied… My reply is detailed after…

Hey James,

We are launching a major betting product next week called Arbitrage Spy.

It’s an arbitrage betting software that will find surebets/arbitrages and
let you place bets with a click of the mouse. Super fast and super
efficient. Users will either make money or make nothing, but never lose a

So was hoping you could join in and help us out with some promos!

We have all other main vendors and big hitters on board so should be great


I replied to Chris asking for permission to use the software first hand before launch so that we can give it our thumbs up or thumbs down as the case may be. Maybe we got no responce because letting us see the disaster that could be “Arbitrage spy” might ruin their pretty launch?  Or maybe they are simply too busy to deal with Joint Venture partners that in essence will be the making of their launch…

So far after 2 emails we have not heard back so we have not been able to confirm their allegations. Sometimes if a product claims to offer a way to make money without any risk we will usually be able to spot this in a few days of testing and we can then give it our blessing. These reviews turn out to be more of an appraisal than a review because of the nature of the product. In this case we cannot at the moment give you any kind of run down so it looks like we will have to wait until launch day like every one else, which means you will have to wait 2-3 days for us to get to grips with it before we let you know if its a scam or worth your hard earned pennies. This is frustrating as many of you will probably go ahead and purchase having being pulled in by the tricky sales pitch… As a review site committed to the cause there is nothing we can do about that. What I can say is we will let you know as soon as we know if its worth what they are asking for it.

Arbitrage Spy and whats it all about?

So what do I already know about the Arbitrage Spy software and what are they claiming the software is able to do?

Arbitrage Spy is an acclaimed unique betting software that lets you capitalize on the odd differences between different bookmakers.

Normally such a strategy would be hard to use manually, but this software scans several bookmakers and finds the odd differences automatically. Then all that’s left to do is for you to place the bets with these bookmakers.

After reading this sentence what jumps out at me immediatly is that there is still the huge risk associated with Arbitrage betting and thats after you place one bet the bet disappears on the other side. I have asked some questions to the Arbitrage Spy team which cover this scenario to which I am obviously still waiting for a reply.

Arbitrage Spy is almost entirely automated, the only manual task is placing the bets that the software opens for you.

This ensures a winning rate of 100% – you can either win, or break even due to the differences in odds.

Ok so this was my second question. For what reason can we not lose money. Are my questions being dodged because this is the big secret with the software?

The software is constantly tweaked and updated so that it works with most major bookmakers online.

My other concern is that the bookies have ways of flagging up arbers. Accounts will be shut down and limited very quickly in my opinion so I would say if you can get your investment back out in profit made, plus say another 500% you would have made a worthwhile investment. Only time will tell.

You don’t need any experience to use this software, it does everything for you – once it finds an opportunity, you can simply place the bets. The only requirement is that you will have to create the accounts beforehand.

Arbitrage Spy comes at £47.00 (about $73) and has a 60-day money back guarantee. It is sold through Clickbank so you can be assured that you would get the money back guarantee if something goes wrong.

I will update further on the 24th and again when needed. I will also look at getting the software reviewed for at least 56 days. Thats if the owners want to play ball. I think they will because they contacted me first.


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