Auto Bet Wins Day 56


Sgt Howard reviews Auto Bet Wins

Hi Bloggers,

Day 56 (11/06/2012)

Just the one bet from the races I rated today:

5.15 Folkestone

Not Til Monday 77

Kadouchski 59

Marcus Antonius 51

Straight forward here, a win bet on top rated.


5.15 Folkestone 5pts win on Not Til Monday @ 3-1 (BOG)


3rd (100/30 SP)

Bank 1:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   -5.00 Pts

Running Balance: 192.035 Pts

Bank 2:

Start Balance: 100 Pts

Today’s P/L:   0.00 Pts

Running Balance: 191.94 Pts


Sgt Howard reviewing Auto Bet Wins

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