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Sgt Howard reviews Auto Bet Wins

Hi Bloggers,

My name is Howard and I’m 38 years old, live in the North West and have 20+ years betting experience.  I have always taken a keen interest in Betting particularly Horse Racing.  I only recently turned Professional this year.  I have plenty of experience in both Backing, Laying and Trading.

Anyway on to the Introduction for Auto Bet Wins.

The system

So what do you get for your money.   The system is explained on a 26 page PDF.  Auto Bet Wins is a betting system created by Toby Maguire.   As in the words of the Author  “the idea is that you will learn the formula so that you will never look to which horse is favourite for a race again, as you will always have your own favourite”.  You apply the system by manually applying ratings to Horses based on the Auto Bet Wins formula.

All the information on how to do this appears straight forward.  Whilst I think a Novice bettor would take a little longer doing this (due to obtaining information from Race Cards) at first I see no reason why anyone would have any trouble following the system, and anyone will naturally get quicker in time.


It can be purchased by Click Bank for £27.00 (and £5.40 Vat).  There is a 60 day money back guarantee offered according to the vender.

System requirements

To operate the system you’ll need access to Racing Post Race Cards.  You do not need to be paying a subscription to the Racing Post for the information you will need.  There are no restrictions as to when you apply the system so you could bet just week days or weekends etc.  You could apply this system just using Bookmaker accounts or using just exchanges or both.

As this system requires you to apply ratings to each horse by working through the race cards, it will obviously take a fair bit of operating time.  I will give you an indication how long this takes on average as I get further into the review (as I fully expect it will get quicker as you get used to it).   Because of this operating time it would be impossible for me to apply these ratings to all races so I will need to cut the numbers down by applying some filters.

I propose to only apply the ratings to races which meet the following criteria :

  1. Minimum number of declared runners of 4 and a Maximum of 12.
  2. Race must be a Handicap or a Claimer (both flat and jumps)
  3. Race class must be between class 1 down to 5.
  4. If all of the above are met I will apply the ratings to a maximum of four races a day.

Staking Plan and Betting Balance

I found it slightly alarming that there is no staking / betting bank advice included in the PDF.   Therefore I have decided I will show results using two seperate betting banks of 100 points each.

Betting Bank 1

For Betting Bank 1 I will bet win only.  The stake for each race will be a level stakes 5pts regardless of the number of selections.  I say this because I expect there to be more than one obvious bet based on the ratings in some circumstances.

Betting Bank 2

Again I will use a level stakes 5pts but in this case I will bet each way only.

Obviously both betting bank results will be based on my interpretation of the ratings, therefore whilst avoiding giving the system away I will provide the ratings for the top few.  By providing these and a brief view of my thoughts on each race it will hopefully give you a good indication if Auto Bet Wins will be potentially profitable for you, regardless if you agree with my choice of bets or not (e.g. You may choose to bet win only etc).

I have decided I will use both BOG and exchange prices (for Bank 1) and will clearly state which I have used to give you the best possible indication of potential profitability of Auto Bet Wins.  I intend in the main to place bets in the morning between 9 and 11 am.

Review updates

I intend to do updates daily / or every two days during the review.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days.


Sgt Howard reviewing Auto Bet Wins

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