Backing Star Selection Service   Introduction

Backing Star Selection Service

Review Manager David- Introduces the Backing Star Selection Service

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I will be testing a new horse racing  backing service from the Steve Davidson stable called Backing Star Selection Service, this is run by a gentleman called Mohit,  it has a twist it has no less than 5 staking plans for you to choose from, 2 of these are are at Level Stakes , 2 more are a percentage of your bank and finally the last one is a 1,2 and 4 points Staking Plan I have included a bit more detail taken from the website below.


– Divide your bank in 100 points and bet only two point per bet. This is simple level staking.

– Always stake 2% of your bank on each bet. Adjust your new stake accordingly after each bet.

– Divide your bank in 100 points and bet only two point per bet. This is simple level staking.

– Always stake 1.5% of your bank on win market & 1.5 % of your bank on place market for each bet.
Adjust your new stake accordingly after each bet.

PLAN E (1-2-4)
Stake 1% of your bank in place market as long as place odd is 2.0 or above and below 4.0. If selection
wins then stake 2% on the next selection and if this selection also wins then stake 4% on the next selection.
And now come back to 1% independent of whether the next selection now wins or not. Remember that
at any stage if selection get unplaced and you lose your bet then stake 1% on the next selection.

Now you are advised to bet 1 minute before the off this is to check for the number of runners if it exceeds a certain amount No Bet and also the place odds should not exceed 4.00 otherwise that is a no bet on either the Win or Place plans. If you cannot  follow live betting then they suggest to bet using Betfair SP option. The website claims a 27% Strike Rate for Win Bets and 58% for Place Bets and here is the table provided on the website of the profits made since July 2010:

Backing Star Selection Service

So the Backing Star Selection Service looks profitable so far, I  will actually  start the review of the Backing Star Selection Service  from Monday 14th.  I have been receiving selections since then and the e-mails have arrived on time so far, there is also so a members site where you can get your selections in case of e-mail problems and also catch up with results. The main reason for the delay in posting is that I have been working on an excelsheet to cover all 5 plans and automate the process as much as possible, also to make it easier to work ROI’s etc in the Final Review. Now how much does the service cost?  Well at present the subscription fees are as follows £29.97 for 1 months selections, £75.97 for 3 months, £119.97 for 6 months and finally £199.97 for a full 1 year which works out at a fraction over £16.66 as month if you break it down. I will base all my results to BSP, the E/W Bets will be split into win and place, each plan will have 100 points Start Bank and finally I will check the Racing Post to look for non runners etc which may have an affect on our selections being a bet or not. In order to reduce the size of each posting I will only include the qualifying bets but I will list the P/L and Running Banks for all Plans .

RM Dave

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Review Manager David-Introduces the Backing Star Selection Service