Banker Bets Introduction

26th December 2014


Sgt Short Introduces Banker Bets

Hello again and welcome to our latest review.

Banker Bets concentrates on low odds, high strike rate bets with the intention of steadily increasing our bank balance with minimal risk.  John Baker started trialling a new service using this approach in mid August and has increased his starting bank by 128.40% in around 4 months.

The bets are not picked only for their low odds, each is thoroughly researched before making it as a selection, and all the reasoning is laid out for us. The average strike rate over this period was 85% and the odds averaged 1.25. All the details are available for inspection by clicking on the link below.

I must admit that until recently I was one of those who did not like betting at short odds, but having already followed this service for a while I must say that winning most of your bets is a very pleasant change. As John explains, low odds does not necessarily equate to poor value, this is often where the best value can be found. There will be losers along the way of course, but the graph shows a steady upward trend.

Selections are sent by email, normally twice a day. The early message contains selections for the day and evening bets in Europe, and if there are any in the USA they are sent during the afternoon. Bets are mostly on Football, Tennis, American Football and Basketball.

There are three subscription options: £27 per month, £54 per quarter or £155 per year. There is a special offer available at the moment, if you sign up for any of these options you will get the first month for £6.75. Whichever option you choose there is an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

The results spreadsheet is normally updated each day and attached to the emails. John records his results to £100 per selection, which I think is reasonable considering his strike rate, so I will do the same, reporting on a daily basis. He returns today from a short break over the holidays so this is an ideal time to start.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Banker Bets]


Sgt Short Introduces Banker Bets