Bankers Bonus Introduction

22nd November 2013


Sgt Accent Introduces Bankers Bonus


OK This is my second review for Hope it will continue to be a regular reviewer 

The Bankers Bonus service is a horse racing tipster service run by Howard & Jack,
who have “developed a powerful betting strategy using top inside information
and exclusive ratings on every horse in racing”. It a part of service offer by 

They claim that it is a “top secret system” that “when followed effectively
means it’s hard to lose

The Bankers Bonus documentation lists the names of past winning selections
Summer 2013 is proving extremely fruitful for “BB” followers…
In June 2013 “BB” took the BetFan No.1 podium position with a whopping +144.57 points profit. 
That’s £1,445.70 betting at £10 per advised point or a huge £14,457.00 betting at £100 per advised point.

Well we want to proof that statement

Bankers Bonus is on offer  normal cost of  £47.00 for a 28 days  subscription.  
There is a special christmas offer £12 for a month and £95 for a year fees. 
In return for your fee, you will get a daily email service which will deliver the selections

by mid-day along with staking advice. Bankers Bonus system doesn’t seem to offer
a money-back guarantee, but the vendors are usually quite amenable anyway.

The Bankers Bonus system has three staking plans, one of which they say requires a sizeable bank.
There is also an accumulator rollover plan and the final staking plan is simply a level stakes plan.

We will be trialling the Bankers Bonus tipping service for a period of 56 days, and if it make good profit we will extend the review up to 84 days or more. Using level stakes plan  and will be declaring our results based on points suggest by the tipster.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Bankers Bonus]


Sgt Accent Introduces Bankers Bonus