Become A Reviewer

Firstly let me just quickly introduce myself, my name is Paula Biddle and I run things here now at Betting System

I want this site to be victorious for the punter in spending the cash on all the duds and letting our readers see whats working at the end of it…Our reviewers (hopefully you) will perform a 2-3 month trial and then after that time you can decide to join if we regard it as a plausible service. You can see this keeps money in your pocket!

The only way I can do that is two fold;

  1. Keep the blog as an honest review site.
  2. Have real punters reviewing the products as it has always been with ZERO influence from me or anyone!

This Is Where YOU Come In!

We are continuously looking for volunteers that want to review systems and services and have a voice on the blog, share their experiences and have a say in what direction our community goes in.

Here’s the catch;

  1. You must honestly review systems/services assigned to you good or bad.
  2. You must give me 2-3 months of your valuable time but, in turn you will be able to keep any copies of any systems we are privileged to review.
  3. You must follow instructions and a set plan for each product we review. Full video training will be given, don’t worry it isn’t hard! There are some cool perks to the job… You get access to our whole library of systems and information whilst reviewing for us.

You might find you can review more than 1 product at  a time. We do allow our more experienced reviewers to take on 2 – 3 reviews each.  All that we ask is you only take on what you can handle as it causes a massive problem when we get let down. Just recently we had a reviewer with 5 reviews and he just stopped contacting us back and we were left with 5 reviews just hanging. Its not good for our community. So this is why we ask for at least 2 – 3 months of your time and if you find its not for you after your first review then you can take a lesser role.

So if you feel that you are sick and tired of having crappy systems pushed down your throat and you want to make a difference and become a reviewer for BST then please get in touch with me by emailing [email protected]

Anyway I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Talk Soon,