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    Here is my final review of Betfair Blueprint which I trialed from December 7th  to January 8th, as you can see from the figures the Evening Punter made a small profit  of 3.13 points although not outstanding its still a profit when most system and services on this site were showing  a loss. For the BFSP Punter a very slight loss of 0.09 points was shown, for the accumulator a loss of 1.78 points, even combining all three results you make a small profit.

     As the authoress of this system recommends doing the selection process at midnight we will concentrate on the Evening Punter there was 32 selections, resulting in 27 placed horses (14 winners) this works out at a Strike ratio of 84.39%. There was actually 12 days when there was no selection this is excluding the Xmas holidays.

I found the Betfair Blueprint simple enough to use it took around 10 minutes or less to find the Evening Punter Selections. The rules of the system are logical for the most part but I would be wary of Rule 7 about no more than 3 furlongs difference in the current race to its last one, you could end up backing a 5f sprinter over a mile or similar.

I would recommend the system above true its not going to make a fortune, but it will bring in steady little profits every month, the longest winning run was 15, and longest losing run 1 not bad for a difficult period in racing. You could easily run a staking system on the place bets like 1-4 one to enhance the profits or your own particular fancy.

    Now having said that I have already recommended the system  without the next part, there is a edge to this system but it would only work if you had time to follow your Evening Punter selection in its race just before the off if it still qualifies on rules 1 and 2 then you have a bet. It may be possible to automate this process in Grey Bot or something similar if you could not physically be there I am not sure. Two other rules to add the selections must have run at least 3 races and for my own personal preference I would not back a horse with place odds of less than 1.20 (This applies to the odds just before the off). Staking I would back the horses to win, place and in the fivefold place accumulator results are shown below.


17 selections- 11 Winners Strike Rate = 64.70%

                          5 Placed Strike Rate = 29.41%

                                Combined Total = 94.11%


Win Bets made 4.15 points profit

Place Bets made 4.03 points


There was 4 Accumulators of which 3 won 75% strike rate

And a Profit of 7.89 points profit was made on these.


Total Profit 16.07 points


Before anyone says I made this up just to put the system in good light is wrong, it is based on sound strategy. If the horse you selected as an Evening Selection also qualifies as a BFSP Punter one it means that horse remained a strong favorite throughout the whole day and is confidently expected to run well. As for a horse having ran at least 3 times this is common to a lot of methods and systems and prevents horses that ran well on debuts etc then bouncing on there next runs being selected, also you have more form to work with. The odds price minimum you select is your own individual choice. Anyway Happy Punting

                        Best Regards