Betfair Domination Introduction

Betfair Domination

Sgt Bill Introduces Betfair Domination

Hi Bloggers,

This review is starting again as unfortunately in spite of trying to contact our previous reviewer Sgt Howard we’ve not had a reply. Sgt Geordie was going to take it over but personal circumstances have meant he hasn’t been able to so I’ll hand you over to Sgt Bill who has kindly offered to take it over.

The System

Anyway on to the Introduction for Betfair Domination. Betfair Domination is a betting system created by JLC Marketing the people behind Place Bet Pro and BetInfo24.  The system is a Horse Racing win and place backing system explained on a 35 page PDF.  I will only be testing the system on UK Horse Racing.  The system itself appears straight forward to operate and shouldn’t be too time consuming but once I have been operating it for a while I’ll state how long it’s taking me during the review updates.


Betfair Domination can be purchased via PayPal for a one off fee of £77.00.

System requirements

To operate Betfair Domination you’ll need access to Betfair and the Racing Post.  You do not need to be paying a subscription to the Racing Post for the information you will need.   The Author states the system is best operated during the morning.

Staking Plan and Betting Banks.

I will operate two betting banks one (betting bank 1)  following the authors staking advice and one (betting bank 2) using level stakes.   Without giving too much away it must be stated that the whole basis of the system is based around the authors staking but I still think it will be beneficial to keep comparable level stakes results.

Betting Bank 1

I’ll be following the authors advice and staking 12pts per day on three selections.  I’ll be using £10 per point and start with a £1000 betting bank.   All bets will be placed at current prices on Betfair.

Betting Bank 2

I’ll use the same size betting bank for ease of £1000 but will be betting £20 per point.  I’ll be betting three selections a day at 1pt win and 1pt place at current prices on Betfair.

Review updates

I intend to do updates daily / or every two days during the review.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days.


Sgt Bill Introduces Betfair Domination

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