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Well before I start it is unlikely that I would ever give 5 stars to any system or service as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a perfect system or service this is my own personal opinion and I would be happy if one day I was proved to be wrong but somehow I doubt it. But I believe there is some very good systems or services but you just have to really search for it and I believe this is one of them.

How do I rate Betfair Miracle simply put four stars out of five, why because it delivers what it says on the tin and that is why I recommend it. Will it make you a instant fortune No, will it make you steady profits without giving you high blood Yes, is it short term No , is it long term Yes. Now the regular blogger’s should know me by now I will obviously be backing this up with some facts and figures, also I want to say that  the author provided good customer service and only one e-mail went a stray during the 90 day trial this was due to a main computer problem. Not that you actually need the e-mail but it is provided free for the 21 days once you buy the system along with spreadsheets.

Right on to the results for the whole of the trial which remember does not include Sunday betting for both Main and Bonus Selections we had the following: (Note all profits quoted are to 1 point level stakes and Betfair commission of 5% is deducted)

Selections 63, Winning Lays 58 = Strike Rate 92.06 %, Profit 29.17 points,

Return on Investment 46.30%, Average Price of Losing Lay (BFSP) 6.24

So was this a flash in the pan, lets look at the results from June 7th 2007 to the day before the review started December 28th 2009, now although past results cannot guarantee the future results at least we can see if there is consistency:

Selections 652, Winning Lays 594 = Strike Rate 91.07%, Profit 301.41 points,

Return on Investment 46.38%, Average Price of Losing Lay (BFSP) 5.51

As you can see there no really dramatic differences except for the average losing lay price is abit higher this to me indicates a stable system, the longest losing run since June 2007 has been 3 and this has happened twice so far, with 2 consecutive losers eight times. As for winning runs it has 9 with over 20 consecutive winning lays including a 59, 41 and a 40. During the review the longest losing run was 1 and the longest winning run 26.

Actually there is a several occasions when the Bonus selection is the same as the Main Selection and we could class these as Bankers they have the best strike rate and the best ROI and actually puts the normal Bonus only selections in its place as the worse performer. For this one I have enclosed the results from June 2007 to the end of the trial:

Banker Selections: 141, Winning Lays 133 = Strike Rate 94.3%, Profit 94.30 points

Return on Investment 66.90%, Average Price of Losing Lay 5.00 (BFSP).

Normal Bonus Selections 124, Winning Lays 108 = S/R 87.1%, Profit 20.84 points,

Return on Investment 16.80%, Average Price of Losing Lays 6.11 (BFSP).

Clearly which ever way you go with this system you should make steady consistent profits but I like to wring out every last percentage of a system and my adaptation of this method would be to back only the Main and Banker Selections this would also be an ideal approach for fixed liability staking say 5 or 10% of the Bank with short losing runs, long winning runs and a slightly reduced BFSP odds on your losing lays as shown below.

Main/Banker Selections: 591, Winning Lays 544 = Strike Rate 92.08%,

Profits 310.74 points, ROI 52.57%, Average Price of Losing Lay 5.39


Whether you decide to back all the selections which when taking in all results from June 2007 to-date would give you an average profit of 9.75 points per month with around 21 selections average for a month, or the Main/Banker ones which produced just over 17 selections a month with an average of 9.14 points the system appears to be solid. Now there has been some debate in the past about the author quoting profits to ISP and not to BFSP and not deducting Betfair commission unfortunately he is not the only one who does this, although it was pain and it took many hours for me to convert the figures it still does not distract from the fact that BFM is a good system. Although it is hard to give 100% accurate figures I have calculated that there is around 11.1 % difference between BFSP and ISP, so when you add the 5% deduction for BF commission you end with deducting 16.1% from the profits shown at ISP. If it was a case that the ISP prices was necessary  to keep the system in profit then I would have had serious doubts but as can be seen from previous quoted figures in this review which were to BFSP and commission deducted, they are very respectable.

I have seen on another site that they questioned about BFM betting on a Sunday and that the results for the system must have been bad so they did not include them, the answer lies in the fact that on Sundays there is limited information on each race on the RP website and this system uses the RP Basic membership, it is unwise to bet if you do not have all the info. For those who work during the day you can use a Bot to place the selections, if you do not you will have to check the Bookies odds just before the off to see whether the selection is a bet or not then lay with Betfair. So apart from having to be around near the time of a selections race or use a Bot the only other downside is subscribing to the Racing Post basic membership but there are a lot of systems using this so it just breaks down the cost if you add this one.  The system the last time I looked a couple of days ago is available at 67 pounds which I think this is good value as the system seems to have sensible rules which should be relevant for quite a while, would I use BFM yes I fully intend to add this to a small but select portfolio of mine

Rating: ★★★★☆

Passed and Recommended!


Sgt Dave

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