Betfan F1 Introduction

21st March 2014

 Betfan F1

Sgt Lucian Introduces Betfan F1

Allow me to introduce a long period review, we will be reviewing Formula 1 for the whole season.

Betfan F1 is a Formula 1 tips service. The Cost of this service is a one off fee of £34.97 plus VAT at standard rate for EU Customer. This cost inclusive of VAT at 20% for EU customers is £41.96. And we believe this to be fantastic value.

The staking plan recommended is 250 points bank and stakes for bets are advised in each of the emails. Each bet is sustained by a fully documented explanation.

Also the introduction email received when you join the service contains some ante-post bets and trades. These are bets which can be placed a long way ahead of time and look on first impression to be very well thought out advice.

I will be updating the review shortly after each race weekend.


Unfortunately we missed the first race from the 16th of March, the Australian Grand Prix. For me it is the first time that I have ever reviewed a F1 tipping service and I’m very curious as to how this service will evolve.

Personally F1 interests me but not at fan level. I only enjoy to watch, I’m not educated about the teams, drivers, etc.

The information sent before each race weekend comes from a F1 analyst who is reported to be linked to one of the production teams.

The 2014 Season, started with the Australian Grand Prix and we will see some major revisions from the 2013 calendar. Sebastian Vettel started the season as the defending Drivers Champion after securing his 4th consecutive title last year. Red Bull Racing started as the defending Constructors Champions having also won their 4th consecutive championship.

Eleven teams and twenty two drivers will battle it out over 19 compelling Grand Prix races in what promises to be a spectacular season after the substantial revisions of last year.

From my personal perspective Monaco Grand Prix is a spectacular race and a hard one. “The Monaco Grand Prix is a mythical race and all pilots dream to win on the circuit of the Principality. It is the slowest and the most difficult of all circuits in the Formula 1 World Championship.”

The Australian Grand Prix was not a good start for Sebastian Vettel who retired after three laps – Power Unit failure. Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel’s colleague, originally finished second but was excluded after his car was found to have exceeded the maximum permitted fuel flow rate. Overall not a good race for Red Bull Racing-Renault.

The Australian Grand Prix was a good race for McLaren-Mercedes with second and third place – Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button. Team Mercedes won the race convincingly with Nico Rosberg. Unfortunately his partner and favourite to win the drivers championship this year Lewis Hamilton retired with gearbox failure so it will be interesting to see how he performs this year.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian Introduces Betfan F1