Betfan F1 Race 17

02nd November 2014

 Betfan F1

Sgt Lucian Reviews Betfan F1

No Surprises –
Hamilton takes the 10th victory this season and again  max points  for Mercedes from United States Grand Prix.

Here are the bets for Russian race:

Review Results starting with Race 2:

Start Bank : 250 points

Race 16 Bank: 280.83 Points

Sunday 2nd November 2014
BET – 4 points Valtteri Bottas to finish on the podium in the US Grand Prix at 11/10 Loss -4.00
BET – 1 Point on Kevin Magnussen to finish in the top-six in the UD Grand Prix 6/4 Loss -1.00

Overall P/L//: +25.83 points

Running Bank : 275.83 Points

WIN P/L/: +8.93 points

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian Reviews Betfan F1