Betting Pros – Final Review

Rating: ★★½☆☆


The review of Betting Pros lasted for 84 days. I took over from James on the 31st January. In this period we had just 39 betting days, and only 63 selections.  This kind of service is very hard to gauge in the fact that it does deliver what it says on its site. The overall cost works out at around 4 to 5 pounds a month depending when you would have joined.


My concern here is the low ROI (return on investment) It worked out at 6.35% during the trial. If you had deducted the 40 pounds membership fee which would take you up to end of August 2010 the ROI would drop to 5.90%.


This service is really for the larger backer to make sums like 567.50 pounds profit. To make this figure you would have had to lay out  8930 pounds in total, having said that if you had started with a 1000 pound bank the lowest it ever dropped to was 835.44 pounds and you would have made the 567.50 pounds profit also.


I suppose it would be possible to start off with a bank of 500 pounds and you would have made 283.75 but of course the subscription even though low cost would affect this more and take your ROI down to 5.46%.


The service concentrates on football  with the occasional other sporting bet and is backing to win, the price of selections is short and the average bet works out at 1.28.


Out of the 63 selections 52 of them won, the longest losing run was only 1 and this of course happened 11 times. The longest winning run was 18.


Of the 11 losers four were 150 point bets; all the 200 and 250 points bets won, but if any of these had lost it really would have knocked the service back.


E-mails were sent out the night before and the website is always updated regularly. In regards o the Quality of service, it is professionally run, absolutely no complaints there.


I am going to place this in neutral and award it 2.5 stars, the service delivers exactly what it claims, is a professionally run service, but who is this really going to appeal to? It’s a very specific market…


The backer here would have to be placing at times 250 pound and 200 pound bets. The service actually recommends a 2000 pound bank so you could double those amounts.  So if you like very short runs and you can mentally and financially handle larger stakes on short odds then this service could be for you. Maybe one could review this service again in September and see what the new membership subscription costs would be and see if there are any new additional parts to the service.




Sgt Dave

Rating: ★★½☆☆



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