Betting Speed Evolution – Introduction

Betting Speed Evolution

20th September 2012

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces Betting Speed Evolution

Hi Bloggers,

Here is a review of a new product Betting Speed Evolution from Michael Wilding founder of Race Advisor.

First I think you all know about this newcomer as the product was high promoted and the result is simple – Sold Out.

We will review Betting Speed Evolution and after the review period Michael has agreed to make a number of licenses available for a limited time for BST readers. Prices are 127 pounds for one year license and 197 pounds for a lifetime license.

Starting point for Betting Speed Evolution software is that “Speed is a MASSIVELY under-used factor in horse racing in the UK”.

With unique speed ratings, information that nobody else use in the UK the software come to live with a single click button for selections. This is standard mode but also software offer Advanced Mode.

So inside Betting Speed Evolution users can: quickly find top contenders in a race, instantly determine their average speed figures, see the minimum speed a horse needs to achieve to have a chance at winning the today’s race, immediately visualise whether a horse is improving or declining, drill down to all details of previous races under similar conditions for the last years, keep track of selections by adding them to  selections list, export selections to excel and other spreadsheet programs, or to pdf.

Software comes with a pdf containing details about the process behind  the software, a bonus pdf system,  a pdf with evolution of the software on back selections for 2012 before launching the software with a 28% ROI and 142.6 point profit at level stakes and of course with the manuals for standard mode and for advance mode and a webinar which goes through how an user can use Betting Speed Evolution in advanced mode to analyse a race like a pro.

The software is not only a auto-selections program it is also a powerful analysis tools and you can learn how to use it from advance mode manual.

The advance mode is for users who want to add specific filters and all this is about the user choice.

The review will use standard mode and use software selections with odd condition – maximum 10 odd for both back and lay.

You must know that to operate standard mode is very easy and you can get selections exported in GHB and use GHB to place all the bets. All the time is under 10 minutes for running and setting GHB.

Staking plan for use with the auto-­selections found by the software – 2% of bankroll for the back selections and 0.5% of  bankroll for the lay selections. Betting on both the recommended is 1% of bankroll on each selection. Re‐calculate stake size after each bet or re-­calculate stake size each day.

So for this review I’ll use 3 banks and BSP prices.

One of 100 points on back bets with 2% staking.

Second bank will be 100 points on lay bets with stake of 0.5%.

Third bank will be 100 points with 1% stake on both lay back bets.

Also I’ll add a 100 points bank for place bets with 2% staking but this will not make part of final review.  Max odd condition will be under 3.3 on place market and of course under 10 on win market.

The initial review will be for 56 “betting days”, and may be extended to 84 “betting days”, depending on its performance.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.



Sgt Lucian – Introduces Betting Speed Evolution