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Champion Lays is a new review for the blog, which concentrates on laying football teams.  The lay bets are always placed to level stakes, there is no other staking plan.  This is not a system, but a pure tipping service and the guy behind it is Australian.  Please note that this is not in any way associated with Pyschic Soccer and there is not an automated “bot”  in sight!

Champion Lays currently have a 75 day FREE trial, which anyone can join to verify the results if they so wish.

The review will run through the World Cup, however I suspect that the selections between now and the start of the World Cup will be minimal, therefore the review days may be spasmodic in a similar fashion to Sports Betting Champ.

At this stage, I have no idea what the actual cost of the service will be, when it goes live.

I will use a starting bank of £2000 for the trial, with level stake lays of £100.00.   I do have results dating back  to January, however I cannot actually verify these results, as the free trial commenced on May 01.

The “bona-fide” results so far, for the 8 Days there have been selections are as follows:

01-May-10 Barcelona 1.64 LOSS £-64.00 £1,936.00
02-May-10 Toronto 7.00 WIN £95.80 £2,031.80
02-May-10 Bologna 5.20 WIN £95.80 £2,127.60
02-May-10 Mallorca 3.80 LOSS £-280.00 £1,847.60
03-May-10 Hibernian 4.00 WIN £95.80 £1,943.40
06-May-10 Orebro 5.20 WIN £95.80 £2,039.20
08-May-10 Hamburg 5.70 WIN £95.80 £2,135.00
08-May-10 Lorient 5.60 WIN £95.80 £2,230.80
08-May-10 Almeria 5.90 WIN £95.80 £2,326.60
08-May-10 Malaga 4.70 WIN £95.80 £2,422.40
09-May-10 Sampdoria 4.20 WIN £95.80 £2,518.20
CSKA Moscow 3.60 LOSS £-260.00 £2,258.20
15-May-10 FC Tokyo 2.80 WIN £95.80 £2,354.00
15-May-10 Djurgardens 3.90 WIN £95.80 £2,449.80
15-May-10 Sochaux 5.80 WIN £95.80 £2,545.60

*Profit After Betfair Commission

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