Colin Leafe Racing Introduction

Colin Leafe Racing

Sgt Howard reviews Colin Leafe Racing

Hi Bloggers,

My name is Howard and I’m 39 years old, live in the North West and have 20+ years betting experience.  I have always taken a keen interest in Betting particularly Horse Racing.  I only recently turned Professional last year.  I have plenty of experience in both Backing, Laying and Trading.

Anyway on to the Introduction for Colin Leafe Racing

The Service

So what do you get for your money.   The Colin Leafe Racing service is operated through a low cost phone line via a secure individual pin number.  All bets are supplied on a short message by calling at 10.30am (just changed from 10.15am).  Colin states bets are recorded at odds every member can achieve (available with three or four bookmakers).  I will obviously provide updates of how I find getting bets on at the prices.


The cost is currently £45.00 per month or £109 per three months.

Operating requirements

To operate all you would require is accounts with all the main bookmaker accounts.

Staking Plan and Betting Balance

Colin recommends a 50 points betting bank and all bets are clearly stated as 1 or 2 points.   I will operate two betting banks both of 50 points one following Colin’s staking of 1 or 2 points (Betting Bank 1) and one level stakes of 1 point for all bets (Betting Bank 2).

Review updates

I intend to do updates daily / or every two days during the review.

The initial review of Colin Leafe Racing will last 56 Betting Days.


Sgt Howard reviewing Colin Leafe Racing

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