Dream Lays – Day 85

Dream Lays

Sgt Tony continues his review of Dream Lays

Hi All

Today is 23rd September and Day 85 of our review.

Keith gave us 3 selections today and here are the results:

Time Race Selection Price Result
3.20 HAMI GREGORIAN(IRE) 1.14 lost
3.45 GOWR CAPONATA(USA) 2.46 win

Please note that throughout this review when we say that the bet WON, we mean that the selection LOST, as this is a LAYING system!

For the purposes of this review, Keith has requested that we use 2 staking plans – Level Stakes at £100 and Fixed Liability at £100. Our betting bank will therefore have to start at £5,000 for the level stakes plan (50 times the £100 level stake).

The level stakes plan at £100 a point made a loss of £14 for the day. That means that our starting bank of £5,000 now stands at £4,722 showing a loss of £278 or -2.78 points at level stakes.

The ‘fixed liability of £100’ plan made a loss of £134.93 for the day, giving us a cumulative loss of £339.32 to date.

Only one more day to go before we finish this review, so we will need a fantastic result to pull this one out of the bag- fingers crossed!

Please let me know if you need any further information about the service.

All the best

Sgt Tony

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Sgt Tony continues his review of Dream Lays