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Dream Lays

Sgt Tony Introduces Dream Lays

Hi All

I am Tony and my preference is more for laying systems rather than backing systems (although I did back Italy to beat Germany at 4/1 on Thursday). I am a scuba diving instructor, so I travel quite a lot, but still find time to place bets and do systems reviews wherever I am in the world. All you need is a mobile phone and a laptop and your office is open for business!

As the name suggest, Dream Lays is a laying service provided by Keith and his team that covers UK Flat and National Hunt racing. The service only seeks to place lay bets when the odds of the recommended selections fall under 3.00 using the SP on Betfair.

Each day, there are ten or so selections, but these will not all turn into bets, as the SP odds will not always be under 3.00 on Betfair. They advise placing your bets in the ten minutes leading up to the off. This will not be practical for those of you who do not have access to bookies during the day, so you may ask how will you know that the Betfair SP will fall below 3.00 before the race goes off? Well, the answer is to use the Betfair SP option when placing a bet or consider using some form of betting bot that allows you to input your required SP value.

All selections are published every day around 11.30 a.m. They also offer Bonus tips each day on the site, but they have asked us not to take those into account for the purpose of the review.

They publish an email address to deal with any customer service issues and claim to answer all member emails within 24 hours. They certainly answered my email questions with an almost immediate response, so no complaints there then!

They also recommend that everybody should use a staking plan and bank. They recommend a betting bank of at least 50 times your stake. e.g. if your chosen stake is £10 then a £500 betting bank should be more than enough to cope with losing bets which inevitably occur. The aim is to make a consistent profit over time, ending each month in profit. This is the simplest staking plan and the one they recommend for all new members. They suggest that once your betting bank starts to grow, you can increase your stakes accordingly. You can then assess your rate of progress and increase your stake in proportion. They recommend that you do this monthly.

For the purposes of this review they have requested that we use 2 staking plans – Level Stakes at £100 and Fixed Liability at £100. Our betting bank will therefore have to start at £5,000 (50 times the £100 level stake).

Dream Lays subscriptions are monthly, quarterly or annual, with a sliding scale of price depending on how long you sign up for. The monthly ticket is £59, the quarterly £139, and the annual price is £399. Dream Lays is sold via Clickbank so you are covered by the standard 60 day money back guarantee.

I am starting the review with effect from 1st July. The initial review will last for 56 “betting days”, with the option to extend to 84 “betting days”. I will try and update the service every few days, but please bear with me if there are the occasional gaps, as it normally means that I am travelling somewhere and cannot access the Internet easily.

Please let me know if you need any further information about the service and I look forward to testing it out on your behalf.

All the best

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Sgt Tony Introduces Dream Lays