Easy Lay Method Review Day 56

Hi Bloggers

The final day of the review and at least we finished with a small profit on the day.

I will update as soon as possible and write up the summary in a couple of days but
based on the overall losses see little choice but to “fail and jail”.

14.00   Leicester       Plutocraft                   5th     BSP 1.65

14.15    Carlisle          Button Moon            2nd     BSP 1.75  (losing bet)

17.30   Leicester       Bay Willow             WON     BSP  1.12

18.10    Windsor        Fifth Avenue            4th      BSP 1.52

Level Stakes                                                                 Fixed Liability

P/L today:                     + 1.03  points                  + 1.29  points

Cumulative P/L:     – 12.24  points               – 21.39  points

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Sgt Jon