Elite Betting Syndicate Introduction

24th February 2017





Sgt Kalinski – Introduces Elite Betting Syndicate

Good evening everyone, hope your all well.

My names Aaron and this is my first review so hopefully we get some beginners luck and find ourselves a good system!

Ive been betting for some years now and dont do to badly, i decided i would like to have a go at reviewing as i have been
burnt so many times by all the con artists out there selling dodgy systems, if i can help save one person losing money to
one of them ill consider that a job well done!

The System i will be reviewing is Elite Bet Syndicate, this is a horse racing service which provides straight win tips and each way tips.
They are contactable via email at [email protected], i have also noticed they have a twitter page upon which
they have a very high amount of followers and claim to “use there insiders knowledge to provide quality and profitable horse
racing tips” fingers crossed they have good contacts!

Elite Bet Syndicate describe themselves as a team of betting professionals established in 2009.
With backgrounds in race horse ownership and statistical analysis, we provide the necessary experience and expertise to
deliver consistent and profitable daily horse racing tips.
Using sophisticated data analysis techniques and our outstanding horse racing knowledge, we make thousands in profit every
year. With connections to stables across the country – including Yorkshire, Somerset and Newmarket, among others –
we regularly receive a wealth of inside information. These two factors combined allow us to make excellent long-term

Elite Bet Syndicate have a results page on there website which goes back to june 2015, this is showing a profit every
month apart from 2, lets hope that continues.

You can sign up for a 10 day trial for £1 which sounds prettty fair, this is apparenty a limited time offer however.

Elite Bet Syndicate send out the tips by email, they are sent out the evening before race day with sometimes a later
email if there are further selections.
There are expected to be between 50-120 bets per month.
Selections come with a recommended staking plan although it doesnt state what this is on the website.
I will be following the advised staking plan, i will also take note of flat stakes as is the BST review policy.
I will be testing this service at BOG bookies.

I will be posting every day apart from the odd exception maybe, if there are no bets i will also let you know.
The review will last a minimum of 56 days and hopefully 84 days if things are going well.

If there is anything I have missed then please be sure to let me know.

Be lucky.

[Click here to see Elite Betting Syndicate]


Regards, Sgt 

Sgt Kalinski Introduces Elite Betting Syndicate