Exchange Profits Day 84

12 July 2016

Exchange Profits

The final day of the trial – 12 weeks.

Sgt Colin Reviews Exchange Profits

2 selections in the end today, 7 points staked and disappointing to end on a losing note.

Start Bank:  300     Staked:  466.4 points   Gain:  21.91 points    Closing Bank: 321.91

ROI: 4.7%

To level stakes,

Start Bank:  100     Staked: 290 points   Gain: 0.81 points    Closing Bank: 100.81

ROI: 0.3%

Level stakes is a little misleading, as it includes trixies/patents etc, at 1 point each, which could be argued are more speculative.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Exchange Profits