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Hi Blogger’s Today I have a final review for No 1 Lays

Before we start I will say that I have 4 more selections and one loser more than the SWP websites results the reason for this is non runners, due to time difference I had to place the bets early for the evening racing although I can put odds ranges in, I have no way of taking in account non runners on the bots I use. The same scenario would apply to those of you working during the day that place your bets before going to work, so I think it is a relevant factor, but to be fair to the no 1 lays system I have included the figures if you had accounted for late non runners.

What can I say about no 1 lays well up to Friday 22nd it was going well albeit very slowly the no 1 lays system had just 1 losing lay from 27 selections and a profit of 17.70 points, nothing to shout about for nearly 3 months of betting but a profit nonetheless, then bang no 1 lays got 3 selections on the day and one was a loser at 12.41 which made a big hole in the profits. Now after 84 days no 1 lays is left with just + 8.19 points and although it is a profit it is not much to show but because no 1 lays has not made a large loss like some of its SWP I can hardly fail and jail it, I certainly cannot pass and recommend no 1 lays (more on this later) so I am left with putting it in neutral which I find hardly ideal because I prefer things to be cut and dry if possible.

I did extend the no 1 lays review to 84 days hoping that I would be able to make a definite final decision unfortunately it did not happen. Anyway I will quickly run a few numbers:

Working To odds Of 2.00 to 17.00 (Review)

Selections 30/ Winning Lays 28 = Strike Rate of 93.46%
Profit 8.17 points
Average Price of Selection 11.38
Average Price of Losing Lay 10.205
Longest Winning Run 16
Longest Losing Run 1

Ignoring the Odds Rule(Any Odds)

Selections 57/ Winning Lays 55 = Strike Rate of 96.46%
Profit 33.84 points
Average Price of Selection 28.92
Average Price of Losing Lay 10.205
Longest Winning Run 34
Longest Losing Run 1

Taking in Account Late Non Runners

Selections 24/ Winning Lays 23 = Strike Rate of 95.84%
Profit 10.44 points
Average Price of Selection 11.82 (estimated)
Average Price of Losing Lay 12.41
Longest Winning Run 21
Longest Losing Run 1

Now lets compare them with my standard benchmark which is my trusted lay system BetfairMiracle using my version of only backing main bets and bonus bets which are also main.

BetfairMiracle(Sgt Dave’s Version)
August 2nd to October 24th inclusive
Selections 65/60 Winning Lays = Strike Rate 92.31%
Profit 28.34 points
Average Price of Selections 6.59
Average Price of Losing Lay 6.732
Longest Winning Run 29
Longest Losing Run 4

As we can see the review version of no 1 lays can not compete with BFM even if you doubled the selections you would not be able to get near the 28.34 points. If you take the no 1 lays websites result which takes into account the non runners then the profit per runners is not bad but you would probably die of boredom waiting for the selections. The Any odds part actually surpassed BFM but would you want to gamble on laying horses up to 170+ in price I know I wouldn’t.


This no 1 lays system does do what it says on the tin it is a selective system and does deliver a very high rate strike rate and make a profit; it is also easy to use. The problem is that we did not get 15 to 20 selections per month as mentioned on the no 1 lays website, the average price of our loser or losers depending on whether you follow the review or the website results both are a lot higher than 7.17 mentioned on the sales page. It could be that with the winter months approaching no 1 lays may get more selections and then we would have more numbers to crunch. Also taking into consideration the system costs 125 pounds and they want to charge 40 pounds for the tipping service, compare that to BFM which is under 100 and half the price per month for its e-mail service it is not really very good value. For those of you working during the day and placing your bets before going to work or during your lunch break may find problems with the non runners taking it below the minimum or finding races qualifying that had too many runners when you placed you bets but qualifying later in the day, this is what happened to me.

You also have the issue of how may people would be comfortable laying horses around the 17.00 mark not many I bet. So in conclusion Iwould say it is too risky and too expensive to buy, but I cannot fail it as it made a profit also it is the only SWP product that I have tested that has actually finished in front. We also need more selections so as to judge it better, so all things considered I will place no 1 lays in neutral.

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Sgt Dave reviews no 1 lays