Waynes Roulette System Final Review


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Wayne’s Roulette System Final Review

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Hi Guys, it’s finally that moment where I get to spill the beans on how ‘Wayne’s Roulette System’ performed over a thirty session review! Now, as I said in the introductory post, I have seen many, many roulette systems and I have found that there really is no ‘magic loophole’ that allows massive profits to be banked from online or offline roulette whether short term or long term, they all fall flat on their face sooner or later… that said, I did find Wayne’s Roulette System to be a different approach to all the others I’ve seen and whilst I wasn’t overly confident, I was impressed by seeing a new and different approach to making money from roulette!

So, I began by logging into the secure web page where you are able to access several videos of the author applying the strategy and a couple of tips and tricks for when the game isn’t going quite as well as it should – I joined several casinos online and tested the method over 30 separate sessions during which time I did employ a number of the ‘tips and tricks’ shown by the author in his videos. Now before I go into the results, I must state that I was somewhat surprised that when recording the videos which, according to the site are teaching you how to eventually be making $16,000 a day!!, the author stated the winning odds incorrectly on several occasions and in one of the videos where he is explaining what he believes is a fundemental ‘pattern’ in online roulette… he shows some calculations where the sum of two numbers is meant to be showing us how these patterns exist and yet…to my bemusement, the total shown is incorrect!!

Now, I played roulette for many years and whilst I certainly never made thousands of dollars every day, I did come to know all the odds on the table by heart so I find it strange that this guy who is claiming to make big bucks from roulette is – i.Selling his ‘secret’ and ii. Doesn’t know the table odds by heart ???

Now to the hard facts of the review: When I first started with baited breath, I was surprised to find that from my first 5 sessions, I had only encountered one loss and was showing a profit of £136 and this was, I must admit, rather exciting so I fired on with the sessions each day hoping that this was how it was going to be…but alas I encountered the worst drawdown on the bank between sessions 8 and 12/13 where the bank had a drawdown at that time of  over £320!! now if we look at the drawdown from the previous high of +£136 and the final lowest point..then we have a drawdown of -£436!!! This is sadly what I had suspected would happen right from the start.

I have to admit that from that point onwards, the system made a short but sweet recovery to +£15 before a few more losing sessions left us at -£127 so in the end we have spent a lot of time getting nowhere!

I have read the comments through and I will say now that the system is different to most and has an unusual method of covering a decent proportion of the table for minimal risk – I think that if you follow the system to the letter it will never make you thousands daily (unless we stick a minus sign in front of that :p  ) BUT, if you are one of those people who can buy a system and then tweak it here & there….maybe, just maybe you will make the odd profit here and there but in the long run you can’t beat the maths of roulette and any loopholes (if they ever truly exist) are quickly ‘fixed’ by the very well paid security companies that monitor the sites’ software!

I found the author very helpful initially but after I asked a couple of ‘sensitive’ questions with regard to whether he actually used the system regularly and made good profits, I never had another reply which doesn’t go down well in my book. I would have loved this to have been the ‘Holy Grail’ of roulette but sadly it is a ‘fake’ one and as such has been ‘caught red-handed’ – There is only one place for this system and that is behind bars!  Verdict – Life Sentence!!

If you really want to see the system and try it for yourself then you are at least covered by Clickbank who will refund youre money up to 60 days from purchase!                                         [Click Here To See Wayne’s Roulette System…]

Sgt Paul Strawford

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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  • Curious says:

    Great reading, I am always up for new systems. It is so fun discussing, using and coming up with systems. Keep it up!

  • chris says:

    you are wrong…..mathematically impossible to make an overall profit

  • chris says:

    Why do people persist with trying to make money from roullette? I don’t understand? It is a FACT that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make money in the long run, it is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. If anybody would like yo make a bet with me that they can make a profit over a period of time I will take the bet, just name your price and the amount, I’m on a dead cert…FACT. If you believe otherwise you are deluded…FACT.

  • Renan says:

    Hi, i wanna know what is the best roulette system…


  • FRASER says:

    Don’t waste your money – they don’t work on-line.

  • LIN FISHER says:

    I am very interested in roulette, and would like to know if you have tested these two systems, REVERSE ROULETTE, and ROULETTE GUY.
    I am considering in purchasing these two systems, and would like any advice that you might have.

  • Chris says:

    Why on earth did you use Europa casino?

    The keys to online roulette success are as follows:
    1] Use a reputable casino such as Ladbrokes.
    (No point continuing if you don’t get this right.)

    2] Don’t stray from the even money bets.

    3] Be completely random. In other words don’t bet on ODD (for example) more than 4 times in a row, thinking “it has to come up”. If you’ve been betting on all the even money bets except Black, and you notice that Red has appeared 10 times consecutively then by all means bet on Black and stick with it.

    4] Don’t be greedy. Play at several casinos and aim for £15 at each per day.

  • Commissioner Fitz says:

    Hi Brennon that is interesting please send to me video proof of all of your accounts that show this acclaimed 4500 profit. With your permission also I will add this to the blog and we may categorise it as neutral. We need to see the sessions on the statement where money was made etc. this should be fairly simple to do just record your screen using jing software FREE online and upload to their servers. Cheers.

  • Brennon says:

    I’ve used this system with success. The owner told me to test it till it becomes obvious on how to win, which didn’t make sense. So I play it for 3 months on free money, and after about 3 months, a few days whatever, I found it to work great. I am up 4500 Pounds since March 25th 2010 –

    I reckon this is a System, and not a “cut and dry” , and that’s where I made my mistake at first.