Sprint Lay Expert – Final Review Summary


Sprint Lay Expert – Final Review Summary


Sprint Lay Expert

Hi Bloggers – Sprint Lay Expert – Final Review

Sgt Tony is not available to complete this review so Review Manager Rich is tidying this one up.

Our starting bank of £1,000 ended the review at £2,271 – giving us a profit to date of £1,271 or 12.71 points at level stakes. Since the review began on 1 April, there have been 199 betting days, of which 114 have had no qualifying selections and 85 had at least one qualifying selection.

So it made a very good profit. However there is no disguising the fact that there has been some controversy during the review as to the selections made. I believe the vendor has stated this is because of discrepencies in the published info in the racing press. I am not in a position to make a judgement about this, although I believe our reviewer Tony was satisfied with this explanation. It is a pity that Tony was not able to finish off this review and give his final judgement.

I have no alternative but to put this in the neutral category with the idea that a new review will be started at some point in the future.

Sprint Lay Expert is only interested in UK FLAT racing between the 1st April and the 30th November. It ignores all other races, including Irish, UK NH and racing abroad. The lay price range must be between 1.80 and 6.10

If you would like to purchase Sprint Lay Expert and find the selections for yourself each day, then this option is £59 reduced to £39

Daily Subscription Service – Monthly Payment – If you would like to have the selections for each day’s racing emailed to you, then this option is £59 per month reduced to £39 per month

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Sprint Lay Expert – Final Review

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars

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  • Tom says:

    I thought Chris would want to put this system on track, but it looks like he has abandoned the website altogether…Shame!

  • Review Manager Rich says:

    Tony does not seem to be around at the moment. As explained above, because of discrepencies between reported and claimed results I had no alternative but to give the review a neutral rating. Unfortunately I am not in a position to verify or comment upon profits for the review period.

  • Tom says:

    How the hell did you get 12.71 profit, even Chris says on his own website his profit was 8.12.
    For christs sake get a grip!