Betfair ATM – Final Review


Betfair ATM  Final Review

betfair atm

Rating: ★★★★½

Hi Bloggers

Thats right i am giving betfair atm 4.5 stars and recommending it!

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Now before everyone start’s jumping up and down, betfair atm came pretty damn close to getting 5 stars, oh well i here you cry how can you do that? It is because it is an education, its a strategy that can be used for years to come, it does make steady profit once you have mastered the techniques, betfair atm uses Betfair so  your not going to get banned or have your account restricted. So lets cut to the chase and list those punters the betfair atm strategy will not suit:

  1. If you want to get rich quick,  don’t buy betfair atm buy a lottery ticket and cross your fingers.
  2. You want easy money expect something for nothing.
  3. Do not want or can’t put a couple of hours effort in per day.
  4. Cannot spare time even at the weekend or in the evening.
  5. Want selections handed to you on a plate.
  6. Cannot think outside of the box.
  7. Not interested in learning something new. even if once learned will last you for many years.
  8. Cannot focus on a subject for more than a few seconds, easily distracted.
  9. Cannot keep a cool head or rational mind under pressure.
  10. No patience to paper trade or back to very small stakes whilst undertaking the learning process.

Who would betfair atm suit anyone who has the opposite traits of the above!

So what is betfair atm?

It is a strategy that uses In Play running in  the review i used Fairbot which is a much quicker interface than betfair and allows you to use stakes under the 2 pound minimum, i also run 2 of these applications with a refresh of 1 second. The betfair atm pdf manual you purchase gives guidelines on how the author goes about the process, thankfully during the review additional information was added at the end of the old manual giving more guidelines when to place a bet. Do not forget to incorporate these with the existing rules.  Once again every race will be different and thats why trying to automate ATM will not work. When i first tried the strategy before going live i tried it on all races and found it difficult, the author told me to stick to races 1 mile or over , he also said that although it makes money on the flat it does a lot better on the jumps.

On the subject of the author i found him to be most helpful and e-mails were answered promptly, i was also able to do a live racing session  with him as well.  So after a few days i was starting to get the hang of it but found myself betting in races i normally avoid so reading through the guidelines i decide to add my own approach to it, also it gave me an idea of what races might qualify before the start of racing and to me the races chosen gave me a slight edge. Here was my additional rules for those who have not read my reviews?

  1. Races  of 1 mile plus with 12 or less runners,
  2. Exclude Selling, Auction and Claiming races.
  3. Eliminate Amateur, Apprentice and Conditional races.

I also added extra time for additional furlongs and will also wait until the market clearly shows me that the horse is the selection now by doing the latter i may lose a slight edge on the price but i actually managed to increase the strike rate. When you have a busy weekend always favour jump racing try to see how competitive the fields are pick the lesser ones. So armed with my own slightly modified version of betfair atm how did i do over the 56 days of the review lets look at the stats.

Number of Selections 390/ Winning Bets 340 = Strike Rate of 87.18%
Profit 93.29 points (After 5% commission deducted)
Return on Investment 23.92% after deductions for commission and losses.
Average Price of Winning Bet = 1.4425
Number of Betting Days 55 out of 56
Number of Losing Days 4
Biggest Loss on one Day = 1.06 points(once)
Number of Winning Days  = 51
Biggest win on one Day = 5.48 points (once)

Well a profit of 93.29 points on 55 days of betting actually computes to 1.70 points per day, i am sure as i got more experience i would have been on 2 or more points a day. My strike rate was actually higher at 87.18% but the author hits around 83/84% with an average of 1.45 odds so i was slightly lower on that at 1.4425. So as you can see once you have got the knowledge of this one the strike rate is good, longest losing run selection wise was 2 on just 1 day only. If you backed on the weekends only you would have made 26.56 points profit and one Saturday was missed, the strike rate for the weekends was  approaching 85% so you really can use betfair atm anytime to suit.


If you are prepared to learn this well betfair atm will provide a steady source of income, also once you understand the In Play market you could lay or back to win or trade. With the In Play market you have to be focussed it is a fast moving environment if your not sharp enough you could get burned. Their are some players who mess the odds up you will get use to that i have seen horses at 1.7 to win suddenly go haywire out to like 8.00 for a few seconds then come flying back down to 1.6 it can be disconcerting at first. Stick to the jumps  i find them a lot easier i do listen to timeform radio on flash mode thats the quickest, although the author does not recommend it. i listen out for horses that the pundits say will travel well that will not find anything at the business well worth avoiding, also front runners can be misleading a lot of time they do not make it home may pay to check if the course favours them or not. So here you have a strategy that can be adapted , can be used on weekends or evening only or everyday depending on your work committments etc, downside you have to work hard with this one study the races make notes learn and once you are ready start off small with your stakes as you will still be learning for a while. From my point of view a very interesting and worth while product and i hope to get back to using it again once my job commmitments have settled down. Currently betfair atm is selling for 67 pounds i consider that a  very reasonable price for acquiring a new approach to betting that will serve you well for many years. Like all products from this stable the price will be going up to 87 quid but I feel a price tag around £300 would be better suited. IT truly is a masterpiece of knowledge.

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Review Manager – Reviews Betfair Atm

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars

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August 23, 2013

MIke @ 11:33 pm #

Is anyone still using Betfair ATM as I am looking for a decent inplay method. Is it still making money??

February 29, 2012

Jamie @ 11:18 pm #

Hi Dave i have recently purchased this system but i have not yet began to paper trade with it. Could i just ask where you get the information regarding whether or the not the race is over or mile or if it has jumps or not. thanks

November 30, 2011

Dave @ 2:31 pm #

Hi Dave,

I have recently started using this strategy and have had decent success. One thing I wondered was whether you followed the author’s advice of trading out of bets that look like they might go against you ?



September 5, 2011

chris69 @ 4:29 pm #


I’m trying the ATM
what’s about the race time? It’s help to know?
Which are good races? With a clear favo are different favos?


January 20, 2011

Lyon @ 5:18 pm #

I finally bought this system (strategy) and at first I was a little disappointed by the price of Betafir ATM and its information in the book.
So I started with the software FairBot and was surprised with the result.
Day after day this strategy increases my bank to start.
For me it is much better than Golden Key or “All by the Book. ” I do love horse racing and Betfair.
Personally I would have given 5 stars.
I knew nothing Betting Exchange and Betfair ATM tells me every day.
My second source of income with Champion Draw.
Thanks BST for The Review.

December 26, 2010

Loverboy181 @ 2:14 am #

that’s the trouble with the world mate. The minority p**s and moan about everything and stuff it all up, yet the majority really appreciate the work that goes into these reviews and the help it gives to the average Joe.
Don’t let the w****rs get to you.
All the best

(slightly edited by admin:-) )

November 28, 2010

Sgt Philip @ 1:14 pm #

Hi guys

I have tried Betfair ATM and it does work, what I can say is that it is not a get rich quick scheme, it does take time and effort to utilise it and the returns aren’t phenomenal on each bet. However, it is still a better rate than most banks or building societies are prepared to give as a return on your investment.

We all spend a lot of time checking these systems and strategies out, to prevent readers spending their hard earned cash on some b******t system dreamed up on the back of fag packet and selling at £27!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you are looking for a “hands free” system that will bring in £000’s each month. Dream on!

November 25, 2010

Review Manager David @ 2:50 pm #

Hi Paul Moore
It seems to me your comments are only designed for one thing to try and discredit this site and it is people like you make me wonder why any of the Sergeants or myself even bother to put all the hours into to try and save people from wasting money. When after spending many days and hours we do find something that might give the ordinary punter a chance to make an extra income then we get hassle, then i have to seriously question is it worth it?. And how James the previous owner put up with it all is beyond me, knowing how much the guy was passionate about helping the ordinary punter i know carried him along way but even then i still shake my head.

For your information the strategy is only available through Paypal not clickbank so get your facts right on that before you start trying to undermine other people who are honest and genuine i know thats a rare quality in this sick and greedy world but fortunately for this site it still exists. For your information BF ATM was given a positive review by Cashmaster and Online Racing Review as well , and these are bonafide sites not some two bit website, but my review lasted twice as long as theirs and i am not influenced by other sites or opinions i report what i find good or bad and that applies to all the Sergeants on this site who do a damn fine job. At the end of the day i will use this and i will make be making some extra money what will you be doing losing(lol).



Review Manager

Rolland @ 12:59 pm #

I am actually using Betfair ATM for good amount of time and reasonably mastered it.

I would say that this is not perfect system but very close to a perfect strategy. This is one of few systems which will keep on making money as it is till the time Betting exchanges exists.

Since there is not much liquidity in other horse markets beyond UK, I have to focus only on UK horse racing. I think this method can equally be mastered on other markets as well.

The only flaw which I see is that it cannot be automated by a bot. I tried it couple of times but failed.


November 24, 2010

paul moore @ 6:20 pm #

The chaps at [Censored] have reviewed it and labelled it absolutely useless, all trying to get their money back from paypal or clickbank, not just one reviewer but quite a few, said its completely unworkable, so what are we to believe lol, have a look if you dont believe me

Review Manager David @ 2:47 pm #

Hi Folks
In answer to Blackflag i did go into detail in my initial Introduction here is the passage. ” I have tried using Betfairs interface and found that too slow, tried Geeks Toy found that too quick, so i settled for Fair Bot and found that to be a happy medium, its crucial that you have a bot that allows a one click bet operation you have no time for confirming bets etc.”
On top of this i have also mentioned in several posting that i use Fairbot i have also mentioned that i run the refresh on that one at 1 second.

In answer to Daves claims i only had a one and half hour live session with the author, also i asked for the additional information to be added to the ATM manual as some of the guys were having a tough time anticipating when to place a bet and the author was decent enough to oblige. As regards internet connection i am an english guy living in the Philippines i am not in Makati where you can get pretty fast cable internet i am on the outskirts of Metro Manila and i have choice of one provider and it is just about the worst one in the whole country it is painfully slow, but i still managed to operate the strategy.

The rule about 1 mile is actually now in the manual the other rules as such to me were commonsense we have so much racing nowadays so many horses in these lower grade sellers etc are unreliable quirky hardly the sort you want for this approach. Also by confining races to 12 runners or less i feel it puts the edge slightly in the favour of the strategy user. Also the abilities of the jockeys in the types of races i mentioned tend to vary sharply and the races are quite often messed up so could make it hard to draw a proper conclusion. i stopped getting involved in the types of races i listed along time ago.

I have already stated its not for everyone you need to have the right mindset, patience and if you look at the strategy logically once you have paper traded for a few weeks you will have a lot better idea. As far as i am concerned it works, its not easy requires effort and thought but as in most things in life you only get out what you put in, put in nothing that is what you will get back. Really there is nothing else to say.

RM Dave

MikeL @ 11:29 am #

Hi Blackflag

I think you have missed the point. It is very, very, very hard to beat the odds in gambling long term as I am sure you know well.

Sgt Dave is wholly unbiased and gives his best shot which is all he can do.

ATM does give us a real chance to beat the odds (profit) but there is no guarantee as Sgt Dave has made clear.

This is gambling and unless we can find the edge we are done pure and simple. ATM gives us a chance at this edge.

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