Fisher Roulette Software Day 40

Hi Bloggers,

Today’s results for the software as follows:

casino 1.  (betvoyager, no zero)

89 spins  20 wins  no losses (15 min)

130 spins  47 wins  no losses (20 min)

P/L =  + 67 pts

New bank =  + 3193 pts

Overall flat stake profit =  + 1193 pts or 59.65% of starting bank after 40 days.

Casin0 3. (bet365)

wipeout   – 2000 pts

As to Casino 2.

I just discovered that on ‘Willhill Live’ the max bet on red/black is only $100

so all bets over that amount that I have reported are now null and void!!

Therefore I see no point in continuing to report on this particular casino.

I assume that the method will still work on ‘live’ wheels where you can bet enough

to cover your bank amount.

JOHANN, you need to tell us all which casino’s you can bet the max amount

to be able to cover our bank of 2000 pts, otherwise I will be ending this review

rather quickly and giving it a bick kick to the rubbish bin!!

You also need to answer many questions from the bloggers which have came up

in recent days.

All the best, Tommy.              (click here to see fisher roulette software..)