Fisher Roulette Software – Final Review

Fisher Roulette


Hi Bloggers,

I think there is no need to go into anything in detail with this Fisher Roulette review summary

as this trial has been very well documented throughout the last 8 weeks.

As we have lost both our banks of 2000 pts each after following the advice

and information given in the PDF file supplied with the Fisher Roulette software, I see no point

other than to give this the BIG THUMBS DOWN and advise anyone who comes into

contact with ‘Fisher Roulette Software’ to steer well clear.

Now there may well be a future review occurring when we finally see what ‘version’

Johan, (the author/seller/peddlar), comes up with which promotes actual facts about

the system and not flights of fancy which is what we have been getting via his website

and among the comments on this very blog.

I am placing this ‘tosh’ in the failed bin but it is definitely up for debate whether

it should actually be filed under ‘DIRTY BIG SCAM’ !!

I leave that up to the powers that be and you faithful bloggers to decide.

[You Can Check Out The Wild Claims Here…]

All the best,

Tommy – Rewiews Fisher Roulette Software