Fold4Gold – Introduction

19 May 2012


Sgt Jon Introduces Fold4Gold

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Another new review about to start from the Betfan stable. Sometimes I find reviewing systems and tipsters can become a little tedious with unexciting selections, short prices and little about them to get the adrenaline flowing.That’s why I was pleased to get this opportunity to review Fold4Gold – a brand new tipping service from Betfan that’s designed to be Great FUN but with very serious financial intentions in mind.

The sales website says the mission is to use some of the best minds in the sports betting business to supply members with bets that may be speculative in the main but when they land, the profits can be immense – potentially landing massive Jackpot payouts.

Most of the Fold4Gold bets will be speculative but very profitable when they hit the target. The focus is on a wide spectrum of sports from horse racing to football and many more and uses a whole host of speciality bets. There will be Yankee’s, Accumulators, Cross Doubles, 3, 4, 5 Folds, Lucky 15’s and Scoop6 selections on Saturdays.

The Fold4Gold philosophy is low stakes for maximum profit and whilst the strike rate can be low, one winning day can make enough profit for the year! This is borne out by the “Top 10” results on the Betfan site where Fold4Gold sits in first place for last month, the last three months and the last six months which shows a profit gain of 754 points!

Tips are sent by email but are also available on a members web page and will clearly explain the type of bet being recommended. Remember, you’ll be getting some massive accumulator bets that can turn small stakes into phenomenal profits if successful.

A starting bank of between 500 to 1,000 points is recommended and all bets will be kept to 10 points or less. Each tip will include the recommended stake and best price available at the time the tips are emailed to you.

As their website says, by all means follow your favourite advisor for long term profits but if you’re looking for some added fun, entertainment and potential massive wins then Fold4Gold might just be what you are looking for.

Fold4Gold is available for a monthly subscription of £19.99 and the review will start on Monday 21st May.

I shall review this for 56 days with the option to extend it to 84 betting days.

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Sgt Jon Introduces Fold4Gold