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Football Bets

Sgt Chris reviewing Football Bets

28th January 2013

Hi bloggers,
Here’s the final summary for our Football Bets review. Before heading to my conclusions let’s take a brief reminder of the service. Football Bets is a tipping service and Phil Brown is the person responsible for the tips the customer will receive either through his e-mail account or just log in the members area, where past selections and results are also available.

Regardless if  there are selections or not, the subscriber will be notified. Even more, for each bet the author provides with 3 to 4 bookies offering the best odds at the moment. As you can understand, in order to obtain the the best value it’s essential to keep accounts with most online bookies. Betting with only 1 or 2 means that you won’t grab the better odds every time.

Now, this is what was achieved during the 12 weeks of reviewing the Football Bets service. Firstly a glance on the strike rate of the selections:

Total number of bets : 94

Winning selections : 40

Losing selections : 51

Also 3 times the stake was returned.

Win Strike Rate : 42,55%

Three different staking plans were used :

1. Level stakes

2. Author’s advised stakes

3. A rolling bank staking plan. Staking 2% of the bank at each bet, and recalculating at the end of the betting day. If it was a losing day, the stake remained the same for the next bet, but if it was a winning one, then the stake was recalculated according to the new bank. Every time the bank hit a new high,it was increased but did not decrease after a losing performance.


For each plan a 100 pts bank was used.Here’s how they performed :

– Level stakes

Start balance :  100 pts

Total P/L : -0.69 pts

Final balance : 99.31 pts

ROI : 0%


– Advised stakes

Start balance : 100 pts

Total P/L : -4.56 pts

Final balance : 95.44 pts

ROI :-4.86%


– Rolling staking plan

Start balance : 100 pts

Total P/L : -2.26 pts

Final balance : 97.74 pts

ROI : -1.1%


During the three month period of the review, the service would cost 104.97 £ (that’s 34.99 per month).

For new suscribors, the vendor provides a two week trial  almost for free (paying only 1 £).

Of course, it’s obvious from the results posted above, that no staking plan produced any profits. This simply means an empty pocket at the end of the review, losing any money paid for the service provided.

Also, I would like to point the disadvantage of having to be able to grab those odds suggested when the selections are sent each day. Don’t forget, the final results of my review were based on the best odds available for each bet. If for any reason a customer can’t have access at any time of the day, it would be difficult to spot those earlier better odds every time. It’s a situation i believe should be underlined, because it has a serious effect on the final outcome.

No problems were encountered during the review whatsoever. All e-mails were promptly delivered, even when there was no selections.

Despite not making profit, but a small deficit, I can’t put the “failed” tag on the Football Bets service, but a neutral opinion. Past results were promising and maybe it was not the best period for the service to show its potential.

Rating the service

Profitability : 1

Ease of use : 4

Risk : 4

Return on investment (ROI) : 1

Support and documentation : 4

Time needed to apply the system : 4

I hope it was an enjoyable review.

Regards, Chris.


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Sgt Chris Introduces Football Bets