Football Bets Introduction

Football Bets

Sgt Chris Introduces Football Bets

Hi bloggers,

This is my third review for bettingsystemtruths, and this time we’re going to deal with a service promising to make profits from soccer betting. While I have read about many different football gurus, I find this one very interesting. And the reason is that the person behind the Football Bets service, Phil Brown, is an ex football odds compiler who was working for the bookies but thankfully now is on our side.

Surely, having a longterm experience over the art of creating the right odds can be a great assistance to get the edge over the bookies and spot real value bets. I’m hoping Phil will do just that during our review period to make it a successful one.

Now, to cut to the chase, Football Bets it’s a tipping service, dealing with soccer bets only, no other sports betting involved here. Most of the tips will be for the Uk Leagues, but not only as Phil intends to find value for us from another league (France, Spain or Germany, etc.).

The tips are received via e-mail but additionally there’s a special members area, where you can log in and have a look at the author’s advices. Phil sends his e-mail whenever there’s action, and this can happen either in the morning or the night before, giving us the time to place our bets. Furthermore, he explains what’s the best odds we can find for our bet and which bookie to use. So, it’s vital to keep accounts with many online bookies, otherwise it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve the best odds available.

For anyone willing to try the Football Bets service, the cost is just £1 for a two week trial. Beyond that period to become a full subscriber, the monthly fee is £34.99, and until now it’s the only paying option.

If everything goes as plan, this review will last for 12 weeks and then see what happens. Normally, I will be updating the review each betting day or at least each week unless of course anything unscheduled comes up.

Last, but not least, is the staking plan we will follow for our review. I’ve had a brief discussion with the vendor, and he informed me  there’s no “official” staking plan because he thinks every customer has its own unique betting attitude, and i respect his opinion. However, he did propose three different ways, which will follow here:

1. Level stakes (our own traditional way, and the best one to compair any service/system)

2. Advised stakes (for every tip the author also provides his advised stake points)

3. A rolling bank  with stakes set at X% of bank and recalculated in £ terms at end of each day. I will make that X% a 2% of the bank, making it a more aggressive approach.

For each staking plan, our starting bank will be 100 pts, helping to make a more straightforward comparison.

That’s all for now, and i hope everything will go as plan. Feel free to ask anything you want about the service.



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Sgt Chris Introduces Football Bets