Football Betting Master Introduction

Hi Bloggers,

Just a quick into intro what I will be reviewing over the next few weeks for you.

The ‘Football Betting Master’ system focuses on predicting how many goals

will be scored in a particular match and concentrates on the  over/under 2.5 goals

market in particular.

If you purchase the system you will recieve a 41 page pdf file outlining the system,

the formula to use to work out your bets and also a staking system to use. It also

includes a section on risk free betting to enable you to start with a decent bank

balance (approx 1000 quid). This section actually takes up the first 14 pages of

the file and is info which can be found for free on sites like, etc,

Anyway, the author recommends a starting bank of 1000 pts so that is what

I will be using.

There are 4 steps to the formula which involve various calculations and also

some personal research if you want to find the bets on your own. (so basically you

can have as many bets as you can find and have the time to work out)

Alternatively you can have the bets sent to your inbox by the author who will

send around 2/3 ‘high quality’ tips per week every single week of the year.

(Since I am very lazy, I will be reporting on the tips sent only!)

The pdf file does explain in great detail how exactly to look for the bets yourself

and in particular the personal analyasis that you have to do with some well

explained examples.

The amount of points to be staked will depend on how close to the  over/under

2.5 goals mark the formula determines the likely score to be.  So if they believe

the score will be comfortably over or under 2.5 goals, then you would bet 100 pts,

and say 25 or 50 pts if the score was predicted to be closer to the 2.5 when making

the calculations. (sorry, my quick intro seems to be getting longer by the minute!)

Anyway, I think you have the gist of the service and I will be back later today

to report on the first tip of the weekend. (there are 2 tips for this weekend which

were sent to me last night, these will both be 50 pt bets.)

All the best, Tommy.              (Click here to see Football Betting Master…)