Football Lays Introduction

Football Lays

Sergeant John Introduces Football Lays

Sergeant John here, back from a short review break with batteries charged and raring to go with an interesting new one from Down Under.

This review is on another tasty-looking product from the Steve Davidson stable and his Football Lays claims to have not had a losing month in the past year. This period produced an eye-catching 713 points profit from the European season and also what is termed the ‘Off Season Leagues’.

These leagues are resident in Finland, Brazil, Norway and Sweden and this year ran from 16th May to 9th September, producing 148 points profit with a strike-rate of 55%, betting on 197 games.

Steve is insistent on making sure readers are not confused with the well-known system ‘Lay The Draw’ and tells us Football Lays comes as an exe file (a program) and not in pdf form. In that he details how to find selections. He also delivers selections into your inbox, which can include four days’ worth in one batch.

Selections can be layed days in advance and you do not need to be poised over the mouse button as games go in-play. With some tips available three days in advance I shall be looking at differences in price nearer the kick-off time to see if there are more qualifiers.

The current cost of Football Lays is £69.97 and, consistent with all of Steve Davidson’s digital products, there are no refunds. Rest assured though, he does provide excellent customer service should you have any queries.

This review will last for 56 betting days with an option to extend to 84 betting days should the results are going well or the selections are not so frequent. With the amount of bets outlined above I somehow doubt that the selections will be infrequent.

I shall be using a one-point level stake for each selection and follow any recommended staking plan by the author.

Past results seem to be very profitable and I shall be very interested to see if they can maintain this as the review goes forward.

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Sergeant John Introduces Football Lays