Football Power Betting Final Review

6th November 2011

Football Power BettingReview Manager Rich here: Unfortunately our reviewer Lucian doesn’t feel able to describe and expand further upon this software for his Final Review. He also feels that the review should not be an assessment of his ability to select matches, even though he has made an overall profit using it!

This review was set up before I became Review Manager and I do think that it would have been more suitable as a one-off software review.


Review manager

Sergeant Lucian – Reviews Football Power Betting


Football Power Betting

Hi Bloggers,

Football Power Betting software is a bet structuring program suite.  Its purpose is to aid to achieve long term profit on football betting.

In this review I used all three areas:

1. Perms – Structurating bets on multiple.

2. Correct Score – Structurating bets on correct score

3. Covered – Structurating bets to cover 1×2 bets with correct score.

You can use Total Stake Level or use Profit Target Bets (calculate “structured bets” to provide the Profits you are looking for).

Other facilities of the program are: Save Bets and Notes, print bets for record keeping or to take down to a local bookie.

The software works with european odds and price is 49 pounds.

In the intro we wanted a  12 week review but because is only an utility software we chose to stop after 8 weeks and evaluate the software and not me as a football punter.

As Football Power Betting is a simple dutching calculator with either target profit or stake and cost £49, in my opinion, it is not worth it.

Football Power Betting

The Perms Screen

Football Power Betting

The Correct Score Screen

Football Power Betting

The Covered Screen

I’ve used 3 banks of 1000 point each and 50 point risk bets on every area.


Start Bank = 1000 points

Bank after WEEK 8= 1286 points

2.Correct Score

Start Bank = 1000 points

Bank after WEEK 8 = 854points


Start Bank = 1000 points

Bank after WEEK 8 = 1153 points

From the simple results we see that is not easy to bet on correct score, but we already know this.

What it offers – on perms is dutching on multiples, on correct score – dutching on correct scores, on covered – dutching between a 1X2 bet and correct score. Yes we can select target profit or total stake but this can be done with excel.

Three star rating is a correct rating for Football Power Betting software.


Sgt Lucian

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Sergeant Lucian – Reviewing Football Power Betting