Full Time Betting Income – Introduction

3rd June 2011

Full Time Betting Income

Sergeant Tony-Introduces Full Time Betting Income

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Here is another new system for a review which will commence on 1st June.

Full Time Betting Income – Introduction

My name is Tony and my main betting interest is in laying horses. I do back horses and bet on other sports (backing and laying), but my special interest is in laying. I run my own sales and marketing consulting business and am also a scuba diving instructor. I manage to combine my passion with my work, by providing sales and marketing services to the scuba diving industry (amongst many other industry sectors). This means that I get to spend a lot of time abroad in the sun, doing what I love – not a bad ‘job’ really!

I have previously reviewed three systems from the author of this new system (Chris Castell) and am still reviewing two other systems from him. He only seems to deal in laying systems, so that suits my preferences.

The author claims that the Full Time Betting Income system is a comprehensive complete betting arsenal that has more than 7 years history of outstanding profits, and comes with all the tools you need to be successful in betting. He states that his aim was to produce a product that not only provides a system, but also one that provides tools, a money/ profit strategy and most of all, a training course to educate the customers on how to approach betting long term and how to bet with long term success. The aim of the system is to show you how to turn a tiny £200 bank in to an impressive 5 Figure annual income – all his words, not mine!

As with most of his systems, there are two ways to purchase the product. The first way is to purchase the system outright for US$157 (roughly £98 depending on the PayPal exchange rate on the day) and you can then work out your own selections. The second option is to pay an additional US$99 (roughly £62 depending on the PayPal exchange rate on the day) and you will be sent the selections by email every day for 6 months. After 6 months is up the payment will automatically renew at the same rate for the next 6 months (unless you cancel it, of course!).

So what do you get for your money? Well, quite a lot, at face value.

The System Manual

Video – “How to Find the Selections”

Tailored Staking Plan Calculator

Video – “How to Use the Staking Plan Calculator”

Profit Strategy Manual

Training Manual – “How to Earn a Full Time Income Betting”

Video Training Course “How to Bet Successfully” – VIDEO 1

Video Training Course “How to Bet Successfully” – VIDEO 2

Video Training Course “How to Bet Successfully” – VIDEO 3

Video Training Course “How to Bet Successfully” – VIDEO 4

Bet Scheduler Download Page

Video – “How to Use the Bet Scheduler Bot”

The author has also said that he intends to create a members page, to help clients in the weeks, months and years ahead. It will be a page (or pages) of resource, video and further training.

The System:

The manual is a 39 page pdf file. As with a lot of these manuals, most of the pages are used to explain the rationale behind the system and rules on staking etc. and how to bet in the long term. All useful stuff, no doubt, but the real system rules are explained in one clear and concise page. The manual also explains how to use all the other material that is provided, such as the videos, for example. The rules are very easy to understand.

Staking Plan:

A tailored non-aggressive electronic staking calculator is provided as part of the package, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. There is also a video that explains and shows you how to use the staking calculator. The video shows you how to enter the data and retrieve the stake amounts for each bet you need to place.

The system starts with a £200 bank, so it sets aside an initial 3.5% stake of £7. Normally speaking, the author agrees that the 3.5% stake might be deemed as too high. However we are dealing with odds-on horses, so the potential losses are quite small in relative terms. It also means that the system can withstand quite a long losing streak before the bank is drastically affected. The strategy behind the Full Time Betting Income is to build an impressive seed bank over a four-year period from a tiny bank of £200. The 3.5% stake is small enough to remain safe, but is large enough to ensure the growth of the bank within this four-year period. The 3.5% stake is based on the highest point of the bank. I should add the first thing you see when you go to the home page is the headline stating:

£41,977 per annum from a £200 Bank – This is not just another system, It’s a process

This is quite a bold claim and is backed up by this statement:

“These figures are not hype in any way, they are results and profits that the package has produced, building up a return which has averaged £41,977 profit per annum since the end of 2007. During the first few years, we build our bank, and set ourselves up for an investment return that is greater than any other form of investment that I am aware of. The financial return has been so stable for more than seven years, that a £5-Five annual profits is now potentially within your grasp.”

Only time will tell!

Training Course:

A comprehensive video training course is provided that teaches you how to use the system, how to position yourself for success and how to ensure that your emotions and psychological make-up won’t prevent you from being a long term winner (a must for 98% of bettors).

The author states clearly that it is extremely important that you work through the training, because there are certain things that need to be understood, and factors set in place that will almost certainly make the difference between success and failure. The training is not a bonus with this package. It actually formulates a very important part of the Full Time Betting Income package. That is not to say that you can’t place a bet before you do the training, but it suggests that you should make the training a priority, because the likelihood of success without going through the training course and adopting the recommended direction is very low

Betting Bot

The free bonus Betting Bot has been provided by The Betting School. This Bot is usually sold for £23, but you can download it for free from the link on the download page. The bot is called Bet Scheduler and will enable you to place your bets before you go out for the day. This means that you don’t have to be at your computer during the time of the racing. You can obviously use any other bot that you wish, so please see the various forums for people’s ideas as to which are the best ones out there, paid for or free.

Here are some statistics (there are lots available!) for the system. I assume from the wording that the system has been ‘back fitted’ to show these results and that they are not the results of actually using the system.
Making the selections

The selection process should take about 5 – 10 minutes each day, depending on the month. You should watch the videos when you have read the system ‘rules’ and everything should make sense. The author recommends that you stick to the selection process as described in the videos, and if you do want to do things your own way, then don’t stray too far from the selection methodology

Here are a few simple rules that do not give the game away:

The system is only interested in UK racing, thereby excluding Irish and all other racing abroad.

ALL going is acceptable, with the EXCEPTION where the going is Firm / Hard

The system EXCLUDES the following types of race:

Selling Stakes, Selling Hurdles, Selling Handicaps, Handicap Chases (Novice Handicap Chases are OK), Hunter Chases and Class 7 races

Finally, the lay price range must be between 1.5 and 2.0

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Let’s hope that it all works out OK.

Kind regards

Sgt Tony

Sergeant Tony-Introduces Full Time Betting Income