Getfair Racing System – Introduction

Hi Constables,

 Just a quick intro to my latest review for the ‘Getfair Racing System’.

This will be a Horse Racing LAYING service where various LAY bets are sent out daily by email.

The Email is sent out at least one hour before the first selection is due to run.

The maximum price that the selection should be LAYED at is advised in the Email. This price will never be above 4.0.

For the purpose of this exercise, we will LAY each selection at the market price as soon as I recieve the Email for ONE POINT. If the market price is above the advised price, then an unmatched LAY bet will be left in the market until the start of the race at the advised price. If the trade is left unmatched at the start of the race, there will be NO trade on the race.

Any winnings will be subjected to the usual 5% Betfair commision charge.

Each evening the results will be reported.

Sgt Marc

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