Goal Power Introduction

15th August 2014



Sgt Short – Introduces Goal Power

Hello again and welcome to my latest review. I have been holding back on this one for a couple of weeks, firstly because it is a little intimidating from a review perspective, and secondly because I knew the format was about to change for the start of the domestic football season.

Goal Power founder, Svend Johannson, uses extensive statistical research to come up with selections in two (now three) separate series. It is part of the investment approach in which our portfolio is diversified to minimise risk while aiming for a steady growth rate of 15% monthly, which Svend in confidant that he can achieve. The existing series are Goal-based markets looking at over/under, both teams to score, etc. and Selective Handicaps which was started in July.

To this we are now adding English Football which will be exclusively focussed on the top four divisions in England.

Each of these series will have it’s own bank, and will use a unique staking plan derived from complex mathematical equations originally developed for online forex trading. As there are normally several selections a day there are alternative stake amounts depending on whether you are recalculating your bank daily or after each bet, the easiest way to explain this is to give you an extract from a recent selections email.

Stake if adjusting stakes per mail: 3.22%

Stake if adjusting after each bet:

Stake if bet 1 and 2 won: 2.61%
Stake if bet 1 and 2 lost: 5.27%
Stake if bet 1 won and 2 lost: 3.11%
Stake if bet 1 lost and 2 won: 3.08%

It is recommended to adjust stakes after each bet unless the games actually overlap. Each percentage is based on the original bank amount, not the current balance. The bets run in a mathematical sequence which will end at some point, then there will be a bank reset and we will start again. Each sequence could take 2 weeks up to 2 months, the expected average is 1 month.

So you can see why this is starting to look intimidating.

Although the staking plan is an integral part of the service, we here at Betting System Truths are always interested in what happens to the results at level stakes, so that is another 3 sets of figures to calculate. I must say I’m not quite sure how to handle this at the moment so there may be a few adjustments and corrections along the way.

The one big plus in this area is the fact that every day, attached to the selections email, we get the full up to date results for each series. I think this is a great feature of any betting service and should be made compulsory.

The cost of the service is €47 (yes EUROS) per month or discounts for 6 monthly (€235) or yearly (€376) subscriptions. There is an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Short Introduces Goal Power