Golden Key Method 2 Final Review

Rating: ★★★★½

Golden Key Method


I have been testing the stable mate of All bythe Book, Golden Key Method 2 for 84 days and it has performed very well over the period.

It has not reached the heights of it more illustrious companion, having said that it does not require so much funding. So all things considered I have decided to award the method a 4.5 star rating and would recommend it especially for those of you that like plenty of action in a day. Right when we started the review their was 2 Variations on the blog I have been publishing the results for Variation 1, but have been keeping records of Variation 2 which is a trading method I have shown the results of both below:

Version 1  
Longest Losing Run (Days) 3 (Once), 2 (Three times)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 10 (Once), 8 (Once)
Profit/ Loss on 84 Day Review plus 172.88 points
Version 2  
Longest Losing Run (Days) 2 (Once)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 23 (Once), 21 (Once), 15 (Once)
Profit/ Loss on 84 Day Review plus 237.77 points


When I saw the results from the figures I was quite surprised at how consistent Version 2 of Golden Key Method 2 was, it only recorded 6 losing days over the whole 84 day period, true some days Golden Key Method 2 only made very small profits but it is a profit nonetheless and is also good for morale in fact you very rarely lose. Variation 2 also beat Variation 1 on overall profit, in favour of the latter it is the easier of the two to use but with the number of Bots available they should be able to do the work for you on the trading version.

So how does Golden Key Method 2 work, well you start the selection process around 11:30 am at the moment, of course it would be earlier in the winter months. I found the GeekToy pretty useful in the selection process and at the moment it’s free. Then you would place all or some of your bets depending on your Variation, sorry folks cannot say anymore than that as I do not want to give the Golden Key Method 2 away.

Now I appreciate that not everyone is available at that time especially during the week so I have shown the performance below of both for just weekends only.

Weekends Only  
Version 1  
Longest Losing Run (Days) 1 (Four times)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 7 (Once), 5 (Once)
Profit/ Loss on 84 Day Review plus 85.00 points
Version 2  
Longest Losing Run (Days) 1 (Twice)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 13 (Once), 7 (Once)
Profit/ Loss on 84 Day Review plus 79.40 points

So this time Variation 1 of Golden Key Method 2 is slightly more profitable but both are making over 3 points average per day so even if you can only manage to use it at weekends it is still very profitable. Now some of our Folks on the BST blog have managed to use this on evening meetings only, when they have come home from work and still found Golden Key Method 2 profitable.

You do get a lot of selections with Golden Key Method 2 and I did try to find a way to see if I could reduce the number of selections whilst maintaining profitability to an extent it was successful I did reduce the selections by 68.5% unfortunately it also reduced the profits on Variant 1 to 77.94 points and Variation 2 to 84.39 points this was a 54.85% and 64.45% decrease respectively. My criteria for this was odds of 4.00 to 10.00 bookies prices and no more than 1 qualifying selection at this price range in a race. I believe there is potential in this kind of area but I have not nailed it yet.

Towards the end of the review another 2 Variants were added and these were solely just using Betfair , Variant 3 did not really do any good and now there is a revamped version which is looking promising, for Variant 4 which is the Betfair trading only, one it managed a profit of 11.82 points profit from the 16th of August to the 31st of August. Anyway it is early days for these and they are still under development, and our review concerns the original Variants.


Some people might say like they did with All bythe Book that you are staking a lot and that the ROI is low, well Golden Key Method 2 although working in a different way to it’s stable mate is also low risk, you cannot have it both ways if you want to make large profits you have to take large risks. The average profit for Variation 1 is 2.05 points a day, for Variation 2 it is 2.83 points a day, this is in line with the 2 to 3 points average claimed on the website. It takes some effort on the part of the individual, if you are not prepared to put in the time and 2 to 3 points is not enough for you even with low risk then Golden Key Method 2 is not for you. For those who are happy to put some effort in for steady rewards then Golden Key Method 2 would be a very useful addition to your portfolio.


Sgt Dave

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