Golden Key Method 2 Updated – Day 84

Golden Key Method 2 Updated

March 30th 2013

Golden Key Method 2 Updated – Day 84

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What a crazy last day of the review, 6 meetings I managed to find 45 selections of which 10 won, although I did miss races as it was impossible for me cover them all. The only good thing was that it was the most profitable day of the review for Variation 1 making 13.22 points profit and Variation 2 returned a respectable 4.45 points. So after 84 days Variation 1 returned a profit of 153.50 points and Variation 2 a slightly better 165.59 points, as for the Betfair Variants,  Variant 3 returned a profit of 53.80, Variant 3L15 a plus 114.72 points and finally Variant 4 a profit of 72.39 points. I hope to get the Final Review done in the next week obviously there is a lot of things to consider and I want to give as much information as I can without obviously giving the method away .


Day 84 March 30th 2013

Variant 1 =   + 13.22 points

Running Bank = 253.50 points

Variant 2 = + 4.45 points

Running Bank = 265.59 points

Starting Bank on both is 100 points.

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Sgt George


Sgt George Reviews  Golden Key Method 2 Updated