Graeme Murray’s Gold Lays – Introduction

Hi Constables,

I have the privilege of reviewing a system created by one of Betting System Truth’s old reviewers.

Gold Lays is, as the name suggests, a laying system. When you purchase the system, you are provided with software which, when activated, makes the selections for you. You are also given a PDF manual which is very short and to the point. The manual tells you how to download and activate the selection software and the simple rules for deciding whether to place your lay bet or not. There are 2 options: Plan A is slightly more aggressive than Plan B, using a higher cut off point for the odds.

A spreadsheet showing the past results for both Plans makes for impressive reading 88 winning bets out of 108 bets since January 1st for an 81.50% strike rate for Plan A and 9 winning bets out of 11 since 11th August for a 81.82% strike rate.

I had problems getting the software to work initially, but prompt responses from the system’s author meant hat it was sorted out within a couple of hours (and that was on a Sunday morning!).

The selection process was extremely simple and very quick – impressive software.

The trial will use Betfair Starting Prices and a notional 5% commission rate.

[Click here to see Graeme Murray’s Gold Lays…]