Greyhound LayPRO – Introduction

Greyhound LayPro

16th January 2012

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces Greyhound LayPRO

Hi Bloggers,

Greyhound LayPRO is a piece of  software from the Steve Davidson Stable and is created by Steve and Kevin from Racing and Sport Software.

This software rates dogs on each greyhound track and from these ratings it selects some lay bets. The price of the Greyhound LayPRO software is 19.99 pounds and you get one license for one computer.

The initial review of Greyhound LayPRO will be for 56 “betting days”, and may be extended to 84 “betting days”, depending on its performance.

The initial bank will be 100 points and 1 point level stake with 10.0 as maximum odds as vendor recommends.

For this review I’ll use Grey Horse Bot. The bot is set to enter in market with 33 seconds before the start.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Greyhound LayPRO]


Sgt Lucian – Introduces Greyhound LayPRO