Greyhound Master Tipster Final Review

3rd December 2013



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Sgt Accent Reviews Greyhound Master Tipster


This is about a greyhound racing tips service. Tips have been proofed so far as a 30% plus strike rate and are delivered directly to your inbox by the master tipster himself. We finally proofed that after 86 days the strike rate is about 30-33 % . The service provided by Kevin Dear via Betfan Limited website . 

Price: £40 per month

Money Back Guarantee: Generally no however Betfan do look at individual cases.

The Greyhound Master Tipster Service from Kevin Dear offers advice on open greyhound racing with staking graded in points and best odds available. Suggests using BOG bookmakers to maximise return. Tips will be sent in the morning (UK time) usually and are expected to average between 4 and 7 weekly. 


Starting Bank was 150 points 

After  86  Days:  

Total Bank 

With Stakes suggested: 241.1 points    ; P/L : +91.1

With Level ( 1 point) stakes: 194.52  points  ;  P/L: +44.52

 Total Tips: 133;  Win Tips: 43 . Strike Rate 33%  On Average Odds 5.83 if catch early or average 5.2 if you late read the email

ROI : 26%  ,  Total point stakes: 349 Points  (with suggested stakes) 


It was really easy to use this system. Kevin sends out an email every day stating the approximate time that the selections will arrive in your inbox and then sends the email with the selections at the given time. The selections are also posted directly on the Betfan member website if you have any problems accessing your emails. 

With the average monthly profit is about 30 points to recover the monthly fees £40 , we must make minimum 1 point equal to £1.5 . So minimum starting balance to try is 150 point x £1.5 is about £225 .  Not to much investment to play.

Since this is managed by Betfan the support is good and it easy to access 


  • Profitability 4.5 – A Profit of 91 points is up there with the best products on Betting System Truths historically.
  • Ease of use 5 – Tips sent to inbox. Place bets. Simply simple!
  • Risk 4 – With average odds of 5.83 coupled with a strike rate of 33% the risk was actually quite small. 30-33% is a consitent show of ability for a tipster in this price range.
  • Return on investment (ROI) 4 – We risked 349 points to make 91 points profit and a ROI of 26%
  • Support and documentation  5 – Welcome email and tips were delivered in a timely fashion without any problems.
  • Time needed to apply the system 5 – This is a tipster service so the time it takes to open an email and place the bets.

So overall The Greyhound Master Tipster gets a rating of 4.5 stars from me!

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Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed my review.

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Sgt Accent Reviews Greyhound Master Tipster