Jonathan contacted me a few weeks agi as he hs been working secretly on his new false favourites blog. I will not spoil you here with the details but I asked Jonathan to write up a minimum 200 word post so that he can enlighten you about his new blog. I must say I am very impressed with it and It is something you can come to expect of someone that is highly regarded in my opinion.

To the stage Jonathan…

Hi Betting System Truths Readers, My name is Jonathan Burgess and you may knwo me from my much acclaimed False Favourites. I am happy James has allowed me to post here about my new blog made for you the punters.

The core aim of the is to help punters make more informed decisions about betting on horses in a realistic, honest way. All the tips, tutorials, videos and downloads are intended to help them become more successful with their betting activities. My commitment is to improve the knowledge and betting skills of all site visitors – with a view to improving their future financial situation through education.

Informative, professional advice ultimately gives punters a great head start when trying to cut through all the hype and nonsense about betting online. Whatever their current level of know-how: from Beginner to Advanced there’s plenty of useful information on the false favourites blog to help everyone acquire the necessary skills, using various methods to promote learning.

The development process and style of learning used on the blog is intended to motivate and encourage people into building confidence in their own abilities.

The Main objectives being to…

  • Teach people by example
  • Instigate learning by completing simple exercises
  • Explain why it’s so important to filter out all – HYPED, BS betting sites. And why focusing on factual information provided by reputable sources is the only way to really make money.
  • Develop a higher level of skill amongst the user base
  • Demonstrate why remaining intuitive and flexible is important when betting

Ultimately it is my aim, as I know it is yours James – to act in the TRUE best interest of all our followers.

Please visit Jonathans new blog It comes highly recommended…