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scam Betting System Reviews TruthsThis is a place for all punters a like to meet up & discuss systems and services like in a betting forum, but this is a Betting System Reviews blog, testing systems daily.

Yes! this is a betting system reviews site but like the majority of betting sites we do not just talk about betting odds. We cover everything betting related, from systems and scams to festivals and trends.

We have a team of around 18 reviewers who put their heart and soul into testing out most of the stuff to do with online betting. That could be football betting systems, sports betting systems or racing betting systems. If the system is on sale and popular we are sure to cover it at Betting System Reviews Truths.

Sometimes we will review some of the many betting software that can help your internet betting business. Why not start by checking out our daily betting system reviews “results page here”.

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September 15, 2014

Site Admin KevinSite Admin Kevin @ 5:43 pm #

Hi John,

No sorry we don’t have any info on them. They do offer a 14 day trial so may be worth trying that but you also have to subscribe to Market Feeder Pro so please take that into account unless you already have it.


John @ 3:58 pm #

Hi guys have heard some good comments regarding Betfair Trader do you have info on them thinking of joining

regards John

June 24, 2014

STEVE @ 3:09 pm #

hi James. It seems Betfair Redemption which is doing the rounds at the moment that I commented on yesterday has been out in the past but under a different name. Apparently the PDF sheet you get with it is the same as one put out a while ago for another system.

June 21, 2014

STEVE @ 3:14 pm #

Hi’ Has anyone heard of Betfair Redemtion. Big advertising spread with cars, boats etc. Someone else has supposed to have found yet another Betfair loophole. This one comes from an ex council tenant lol.

May 7, 2014

Sgt JonSgt Jon @ 8:13 pm #

Anyone else received promo emails about the soccer software tips known as “Instant Profit Machine”? If so, I would tread carefully! Lots of problems downloading software and then waiting for temporary log in details. I complained to Clickbank requesting refund which they refused initially and then product vendor blocked my account. Now referred to Clickbank again for refund.


April 11, 2014

Sgt JonJon @ 7:21 pm #

@Sgt David: Hi David

Thanks for the heads up! I get swamped with these promotional emails every day :(


Sgt David @ 4:30 pm #

Anyone getting a load of emails from AutoBetPro ?

I would bin them along with those from any affiliate who distributes this rubbish. Then bin ALL emails from anyone peddling this as they obviously do not check the products they endorse.

Despite me contacting some affiliates ( Steve G of Midas Method being the only one of them to sent out 2 endorsements since being told what would happen if he continued to do so ) some continue to endorse this product – he must be desperate !

Service claims 68% winners placed automatically.

To date it has placed ONE winner from 34 bets !

Maybe this is just a poor run but to claim 68% winners when the shortest priced selection has been about 5/1 should fire off alarm signals.

There is one good thing about that winner though – it means I have received more winners than replies to the 5 emails sent to him !

This post is designed to save the overworked refund department at Clickbank a bit of work.

April 9, 2014

Penny Campbell @ 5:22 am #

Hi James

I am sure you have been asked this quite a number of times but can you tell me what systems you use?

Also I live in Australia so I was wondering if anyone of our readers can tell me which systems I can look at that would be time friendly for here?

I work so I can’t sit up all night so if there is anything you can think of that can assist with ease of placement and it doesn’t have to necessarily be horses. I am also interested in Footbal, golf or tennis.

Am not expecting to make a living at this stage as I like my job, but I would love to make some extra income on the side. Maybe come back and visit the UK again. Worked there some years ago and loved it.

Thanks for your help.

March 31, 2014

Kevin @ 12:04 am #

We’re just about to start a review of one of their services so keep an eye out for that.

Best regards,

March 30, 2014

jenner @ 7:31 pm #

Any info on Pro Betting Ciub, from anyone please. Thankyou.

March 16, 2014

Danny @ 8:28 pm #

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone still uses Betfair ATM. It has favourable reviews on most sites as well as this but wanting to know if it still has the edge from 2010 when it was released?

Many thanks

March 13, 2014
March 10, 2014

Phil @ 8:25 am #

Re Final Score the football service that received 4.5 stars after a very successful review. I follow this service and was during the review. I was in profit until a very bad run started in mid January. Since then this service has lost about 160 points. Their site recommends a 200 point bank which is now severely threatened. The emails I was receiving from them recommended a 150 point blank until in the last week or so the recommendation became 200. When I pointed this out to them (Jon Roberts) the reply was an apology for the mistake and ‘we don’t really know how this happened’ and ‘it must have been an old template’.

The results you had were genuine because I verified them myself but I would point out to people that you review a service in a certain window of it’s operation. Life, as they say, is all about timing. If you had started your review in mid January you would have failed this service as a total disaster because almost all the bank would be gone. I think sending out the ‘wrong template’ for a couple of months is also pretty bad admin on their part.

In it’s defense, this service has been successful over a long period with the inevitable bad runs from which they have recovered, I just hope they recover from this one.

I think this is a good example from which to learn something. The reviews on this site are excellent, and free, what more can be asked. But all services carry a risk. Judging by their own historic results which they publish this seems to be their worst ever run, and this can probably happen with any service no matter how many stars it gets!

March 2, 2014

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